Wonderfully White Short Prom Dresses

/a> White Short Prom Dresses White! The color depicts peace, purity and truth. When donned in any fashion, it is pleasing to the eye and gives an ethereal feel to the person who has adorned the color Choosing the color white for your prom, will make you look gorgeous and give an impression of an angelic beauty’s descent from the heavens above.

To guide you and enable you to choose between the best options, here’s a list of scintillating short white prom dresses that you can wear to the prom.

Various Types Of White Short Prom Dresses

Empire Dress

This style fits tightly till the bust line and then flares down into a skirt. Instead of the regular hemline, you can consider going in for a balloon dress where the fabric folds inward at the hem thus, giving it a balloon-like effect.

empire white short dress

You can accompany this look with a bright hued pink, blue or green broad bust belt to add some color to the otherwise plain white dress. This look is sure to make you stand out among the crowd.


Like an LBD, an LWD i.e. Little White Dress is now in trend and has become another must have for every girl’s wardrobe. An LWD is a mini dress that ends at the thigh region by and large.

You can go in for an LWD with a halter neck ending in a cross back with a flaring skirt. Alternatively, if you want to go for a body fit strapless mini dress then you can get a zipper back to make it look fashionable.

A-line Dress

An A-line dress hugs your body till the waist line at the hips and then flares down into a short skirt just like the alphabet A and hence the name. Since a white dress looks very pretty, you can select an A-line fit which has a lot of flare and gives you a Barbie doll effect.

A-line short white Dress

The bodice of the dress can be accentuated by embellishing it with crystals, pearls or sequins as per your choice. You are sure to sizzle and sparkle in white throughout the evening.

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One Shoulder Dress

A one shoulder dress in white looks beatific and can be worn in any style. You can select one with a one shoulder strap instead of a full sleeve.

In addition, to make it look more girl-like, choose a prom dress with fabricated flowers on the entire shoulder strap. This will add a lot of beauty and elegance to your short white prom dress.

High Low Dress

A high low dress is a dress that is short in the front and long at the back. Thus, you get the feel of both the styles at the same time. This is more of a recent fashion and looks very chic and modern.

High Low white Dress

A strapless sweetheart neckline looks stunning in this style which can be even more enhanced with an inch of shimmer at the borders of the neckline. This entire appearance will look wonderful in white and add to your beauty, making you look like Alice in her Wonderland.