Wonderful Wedding Themes For Summer

A summer wedding is one of the most popular styles in all wedding glory. Hence, having a wedding in the summers will give you endless possibilities. Planning a summer wedding and not sure where to begin? For your summer celebration, keep everything as close to nature as feasible.

Summer is a time to lighten things up and not go all out in colors, music or decor. Everything at your wedding should be subtle and to the point. To understand these tips further, read through the following write-up on Wonderful Wedding Themes for summer.

Amazing Wedding Themes For Summer

Garden Wedding

For a garden wedding, choose bright colors for your theme like yellow and orange. Send out bird theme invitations to your guests with bird sign boards put up to show the directions to the ceremony. At the entrance, create a floral arch with orchids. Have orange floral wreaths as decor pieces on the chairs with a yellow and orange floral canopy above the altar.

Garden Wedding

Have globes of yellow daises set in long vases as venue decoration. The bride can adorn a floral corsage and a similar boutonniere can be donned by the groom. The bridesmaids in dazzling yellow dresses will look pretty. The wedding cake can comprise huge cream flowers set diagonally along the tiers. Also, drink shots with orange juice can be arranged for added effect.

Lake Waterfront Wedding

If you are looking at a wedding to be held at a lake waterfront, you can choose exotic colors like blue and mauve. Send blue invitations with mauve font to all the invitees. Create a bridge decorated in blue and purple orchids from where the bride will walk to reach the altar. The bridesmaids all wearing shades of blue with mauve bridesmaid bouquets will look striking.

The bride with something blue will compliment the outcome and the groom with a mauve bow-tie will look smart. Have floating candles flowing in the lake water for a beautiful and serene appearance. Centerpieces with water bases will look brilliant. Circulate blue mojitos among your guests for another water touch.

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding brings to mind the hues of aqua blue and coral. Go all pastel for your beach wedding. Sea shell corsage and boutonniere for the bride and groom respectively will connect with the theme. The bridesmaids in delicate coral dresses will look charming. The bridal bouquet with coral roses tied in an aqua blue ribbon will look lovely.

Ideas For Beach Wedding Ceremony

Arrange for a pianist or a string quartet playing calm and pleasing music in the background. Sea food is a must have with the cake done up in cream shells, sea horses, weeds and rocks. The table centerpieces with pearls, rocks and sea shells will be apt to the theme. You can arrange a beach party post the ceremony with everyone in their swim wear enjoying your wedding like none other.

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Disney Romance Wedding

If you have been a Disney fanatic all through your childhood, choose this theme for the ultimate romance in the air. Choose lavender as one color and a modern fuchsia for contemporary effect. The invitations should go out written in calligraphy. The bride can walk in a ball gown with the groom dressed up like her prince charming. Crystal chandeliers as alter decorations and glass ball decorations for the venue will look stunning.