Wonderful Wedding Party Gifts

Wonderful Wedding Party A wedding is a joyous event and is celebrated with lots of warm wishes and greetings. One most memorable thing about a wedding party is the wedding party gifts which are often exchanged between the bride and the groom, guests, mother-in law, father and law and other special people attending the wedding.

But, sometimes, picking these wedding gifts can get very confusing when you are unaware of the likes and dislikes of the other person. Here, we are making a list of some wedding gift ideas for each and every person which will be present at the party.

Kinds Of Wedding Gifts

For The Bride And Groom

Wedding gifts for the bride is an easy task as women mostly love clothes and jewelery. You can give her a nice set of diamond earrings, a pearl necklace, bracelets or even a tiara made of precious stones. If your bride loves to indulge in clothes, gift her pretty dress or you can even gift her wedding gown itself.

gift him a luxury car

On the other hand, gifts for groom includes electronic gadgets, a nice branded watch, perfume, cardigan, a leather jacket, music players, PlayStation and X-box. If the groom is a foodie, try giving him a barbeque grill. If your budget allows it, gift him a luxury car.

For The Mother-In-law

Picking a gift for the mother-in law can be a little puzzling. You are sometimes less familiar with your mother- in law and there is often a weird feeling as she will appreciate your gift or not. But, don’t worry. You can always gift your mother-in law an elegant pair of pearl earrings or a pearl necklace.

You can gift her solitaires or rings made of semi-precious stones. A big jewellery box will also be a good idea. However, if you know your mother-in law quite well; gift her things which are related to her hobbies and daily activities.

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For The Father-In-law

To give a gift to your father-in-law, you need to be really careful. You should try learning a few of his likes and dislike through his close pals and her wife. If your father-in-law loves to play golf, gift him customized golf balls or other golf accessories.

get him a crystal chess set

If he likes to play chess, get him a crystal chess set. Whatever indoor or outdoor game he prefers, gift him that. If he is a lover of books, gift him a book set of his favorite author. A nice pair of cufflinks or a wine bottle will also be great idea.

For Guests

Giving away wedding gifts to the guests is a fun task. Try giving them customized gifts which will always remind them of your wedding. For instance, personalized mugs and beer glasses, imprinted tees, fashion jewelry small bakery items, photo frames are nice gift ideas. You can also give them various types of gifts as per their tastes and likings. You can choose a separate type of gifts for all the women attending the party, separate gifts for men and different for kids as well.