Wonderful Wedding Colors And Themes

A wedding is a combination of a lot of dreams. It blends in the dreams of the bride, the groom and their respective families and gives an ethereal and beautiful output. In the present times, weddings are no longer just traditional and white.

They have reached a space where any color you like can be used to gift wrap up a wedding and present elegantly to everybody in attendance. To elaborate on this thought, below is a write up on workable and wonderful wedding colors and related themes..

Unique Wedding Color Themes

Romantic Red

Red, the color of love, suits a wedding color theme the best. You can have a red wedding invite with the leaflets in red or alternatively, the font of the invitation in red. The entrance of the wedding can have a big sign in a heart on one side that says, for instance, “John weds Juliet”. The aisle runner can be in red so that when the bride walks down in white, it enhances her appearance.

Romantic Red

For the clothes, you can have the bridesmaids wearing dresses with red stripes and the bride wearing red heels. The wedding bouquet would have the obvious choice of red roses and a red velvet cake for the reception. For the bride and groom’s first dance, you can have red rose petals showered on them for a pure romantic feel.

Royal Castle in Purple and Gold

Royalty is represented in the hues of purple and gold. So, if you are looking at a Royal theme, these are the colors you should choose. A purple invitation with gold print would look ultra chic and elegant. For the clothes, the bride can wear gold stilettos with a gold sash to compliment the theme.

Royal Castle in Purple and Gold

The bridesmaids can all wear gold too. The wedding bouquet can have Purple Lisianthus flowers. The wedding reception can have golden light wired trees as decoration with purple chandeliers as danglers. The tableware can have purple napkins and centerpieces with Hydrangeas and Integrifolia Fillers. All in all, the wedding will have a classy and royal appeal.

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Youthful Pink and Orange

If you want something youthful and bright as your wedding theme, choose the ideal colors pink and orange to have a unique outcome. You can have the canopy at the wedding ceremony in sheer drapes of orange to complement the sun. The bridesmaids can wear pink dresses to give a girlish appearance. The wedding bouquet can have orange daises accenting the bride’s slow walk down the aisle.

At the reception, you can have an orange flavored cake diagonally decorated with pink creamy roses. For drinks, you can have orange juice shots or cranberry and vanilla flavored pink shots. Using orange and pink fresh flower garlands as the rest of the decor will have you smiling bright and youthfully.

Something Blue

Every bride needs something blue at her wedding. What if the entire wedding is done up in blue? A blue hair accessory for the bride will be apt with a blue tie for the groom. Aqua blue toned dresses for the bridesmaids will look gorgeous too. Blue orchids or carnations will be eye-catchy in the wedding bouquet. Blue gossamer can be tied in a bow to the chairs at the wedding ceremony and reception.

Something Blue

The reception can have blue balloons along with blue LED lights as decoration. A blueberry cake is another must have for a blue colored theme. The tables can have blue carnations as centerpieces complemented with candles. The wedding see-off in a royal blue car will look spectacular for all to witness as the finale of your wedding.