Wedding Shower Favor Ideas

Weddings, much like birthdays, are occasions where the honorees receive a lot of gifts. Apart from the main ceremony, there are many smaller ceremonies, all of which require guests to bring gifts; a wedding shower is one such occasion.

A wedding shower is a pre wedding party hosted by the bride where she is showered with gifts. Although it is customary for the guests to bring gifts, it is courteous for the hosts to give out party favors as a sign of gratitude. Listed below are a few wedding shower ideas.

Wedding Shower Favors

Clothing Accessories

Clothing accessories would make excellent favors. You could select accessories like cufflinks, scarves, and belts and so on.

Gardening Hat And Accessories

The bags could be color coded according to the gender and given to each guest as they are leaving. Since the favors would be individual in nature, each guest would receive one; this would make them feel immensely special.

A Chocolate Party Favor

Chocolates always make great party favors, no matter what the occasion is. For a wedding shower too, this would be a delightful party favor. Each gift pack could be identical or have different chocolates in them. Along with the chocolates, you could attach a note of gratitude thanking the guests for attending your shower and hoping you shall see them at your wedding.

Wrapped Chocolate Bars

The chocolates included in the favor could be an assortment or of a single variety. There are many different chocolate brands to choose from and you could keep a wide mix in mind when putting this favor together.

Scented Candles

Scented candles have both an aesthetic and an aromatic presence. They make great gifts and in this case, great party favors. Wedding related occasions are generally decorated very elaborately.

Use Shells Instead Of Candle Stands

To match the elaborate décor you could give each guest a party favor comprising of scented candles. The candles could come in a variety of colors and aromas and each bag could be made unique by minimizing repetition of aromas.

A Customized Home Décor Set

Decorative items make wonderful party favors. This is because they have a lasting value and every time the receiver looks at it, he or she shall be reminded of you. For a wedding shower favor, you could gift a customized home décor set. This could be anything and could vary from guest to guest.

Candle Favors

If your guest list is small, you could pick out different favors for everyone. If you are expecting a large number of people, you could categorize them and then pick out the favor. The categorization could be done according to name or other factors like marital status.

Personalized Wedding Shower Favor

Personalized gifts have a unique feel to them. You could prepare personalized party favors for your guests. This could be prepared from the list of confirmed attendees.

Best Mother And Baby Gifts

You could select a gift item like a dinner set or a pen stand and imprint the family name of the guest on it. This would make each guest feel very special and would indeed be a lovely way to thank them for attending your wedding shower.