Wedding Shower Cake Ideas

Professional Cake

Amidst the wedding celebrations, a wedding shower cake cannot be forgotten! It is the sweetest and most memorable centrepiece at a wedding. It has to be very beautiful and should be extremely finger-smacking as to please the guests. We all have different wedding themes and attires for our wedding and thus, the wedding cake should actually complement the same.

A wedding cake which does not match the theme of the party holds any importance and be even look as a blunder. Here, we are presenting some few tips on getting a right wedding shower cake.

Best Wedding Shower Cake

Professional Cakes

Nowadays, the market is full of several types of cakes. You just have to pick a design as per your taste and the cake is ready in just a few days.

Professional Cake

The advantage of ready made cakes is that you are not required to worry about the taste and the quantity of the cake. Most of the bakery shops give you an approximate idea of the quantity of the cake depending upon your number of guests.

Another thing, you are free from the hectic and messy work of creating your own cake and making a mess out of your kitchen. Moreover, professional cakes are yummy and you are not required to worry if they guests will like it or not.

Homemade Cakes

Although, professional cakes are easy to get without any hustle, but, the homemade cakes are the best option of you have a tight budget and you really cannot dig a big hole in your pocket as the ready made cakes are mostly expensive. However in order to make a homemade wedding cake, you need to plan this in advance as this will require a lot of spare time.

You cannot just plan to make a cake a day before your wedding. Another thing is that you need to pay a lot of attention on the recipe of the cake as you cannot take the risk of experimenting with just any other recipe.

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Theme Based cakes

When it comes to a theme wedding, what best can be to get a nice theme based cake. A wedding shower cake made exclusively as per the theme of the party holds a special place in the hearts of the guests.

Theme Based cakes

They all actually wait for the arrival of the cake. But, you need to be very careful here as the cake should actually complement the theme.

For an instance, if it’s a beach shower party, you can pick a cake that best resembles the beach or water. It can be of blue color or you can even create a “big beach” or a “flip flop” cake which will signify the beach footwear.

Cake Sayings And Quotes

With a right wording or a touching quote, the cake automatically turns special and mesmerizing. Remember to always choose a quote which best represents the personality of the wedding couple. You can also add lovely poems or saying on wedding or love. It can also be the special nicknames of the bride and the groom which they call to each other.