6 Wedding Guide For Blue Wedding Themes

Ideas On Blue Wedding Themes

Ideas On Blue Wedding Themes

The color blue is a popular choice among couples as a wedding theme. This is mainly because blue is a very elegant color and it is soothing to the eye. Blue comes in several shades from royal blue to aquamarine.

You can choose a darker blue or a light blue as your wedding theme depending on which appeals to you. To create beautiful blue wedding themes, there are some things that you must consider.

Ideas On Blue Wedding Themes

Choose A Specific Theme

Choose A Specific Theme For Blue Wedding

If you are planning a wedding during the winter then blue wedding themes would be perfect for you. A pale blue color would be a great choice because it looks very similar to the color of snow.

To decorate the venue, you can hang cut-out snowflakes decorated with blue sparkles. Under the light, they would look like glistening snowflakes. Blue string lights would also look great for winter blue wedding themes. Another great concept for blue wedding themes is a beach wedding.

Use blue fabrics to cover the tables and create swags that would be very reminiscent of the ocean. Blue sailboats, shells and blue candles can be used to decorate the tables.

Pair With Another Color

Blue wedding themes do not necessarily have to be done entirely in blue. You can choose other colors to accentuate the blue wedding themes. Ivory, beige, pale yellow and coral are great colors to pair with the color blue. Using other colors for your blue wedding themes can make the colors pop out. The accent colors can be used in the floral arrangements, ribbons and minor details of the wedding decorations.

Pair With Another Color For Blue Wedding Theme

Wedding Invitations

For blue wedding themes, the wedding invitations can be printed on blue paper with silver ink for the print. Another option would be to use ivory-colored paper for the wedding invitations but the ink for the letters would be blue. The envelope used for this can also be in blue.

Invitations For Blue Wedding Theme

The Flowers

The flowers for blue wedding themes can be blue as well. This can be done by choosing white flowers for the wedding and asking your florist to dye them in blue.

Another option would be to choose flowers in the accent color you have chosen and then just using the color blue for the accents of the floral arrangement such as the ribbons. An all white floral arrangement with blue faux butterflies and ribbons would be perfect for blue wedding themes.

Flowers For Blue Wedding Theme

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Table Decorations

The tables can be covered in blue cloth to coincide with the blue wedding themes. The chairs can also be tied with wide, blue ribbons on the back.

Table Decorations For Blue Wedding Theme

Blue candles together with the floral arrangements would be perfect for the table decorations. To create more interest in the table arrangements, you can use different shades of the color blue for more depth.

Wedding Cake

Cake For Blue Wedding Theme

The wedding cake for blue wedding themes can be done entirely in blue with the use of fondant icing. Another great option would be to have a white cake trimmed with blue details. The blue details for the cake can either be a blue ribbon made of fondant icing or some blue icing flowers.

Wedding Guide For Blue Wedding Themes