Wedding Favors & Bridal Party Gifts

Wedding Favors & Bridal Party Gifts Wedding favors are small mementos gifted to the guests in appreciation for attending the wedding ceremony whereas as bridal party gifts include gifts for the bride. Several gift items can be purchased depending on the budgets and tastes of the people.

They are also selected according to the season and theme of the wedding. Thus, both the guests and the hosts can show their love and blessings by this ritual. Some of the gift ideas are discussed in the following article.

Glass Favors And Gifts

Wedding favors and bridal party gifts can include various items made of glass and crystals. These articles are extremely beautiful and sophisticated. Various items can be curved out of glasses like glass coasters, glass bowls, cups, wine glasses, photo stand, etc. Crystal favors are also available in abundance and include beautiful crystal sculptures, crystal flowers, vases, key chains, light holders, etc. These diamond cut glass pieces dazzle as they reflect light on all sides.

Silver Favors And Gifts

Favors and gifts made of silver are one of the best gift items chosen for wedding and bridal showers. Different kinds of silver favors and gifts are accessible for both the guests and the bride-to-be. For example, silver key chain, photo frame, bottle opener, champagne bottle stoppers, silver bells, silver compact mirrors, etc. are some pretty articles used as wedding favors. Some other exclusive silver articles include engagement ring holder, jewelry box, silver cutlery set, dinner set, etc. and are suitable for gifting the bride.

Candle Favors And Gifts

Candles are one of the best parting gifts for the guests at the wedding ceremony. Candles are loved by everyone as they illuminate the houses. These are available in various designs, shapes and forms. You can purchase scented gel candles and embroidered candles in various shapes like round, elliptical, cubical, abstract, etc. You can also get candles combined with candle stand, metal holders, glass holders, etc.

Box Favors And Gifts

You can show your gratitude for your guests by presenting them with beautifully crafted boxes. Boxes are available in various sizes and designs. An elegant silver or crystal box can serve as a wonderful gift item for the bride. You can even pack some candles, chocolates, sweets, aromatic tea, coffee beans and dry fruits inside your favor boxes. These boxes can also be embellished with stones, sparkles, ribbons, laces, highlighters, etc. Origami style is another creative idea used for making the boxes. Colored and printed papers are generally used for making origami boxes.

Other Wedding Favors And Bridal Party Gifts

There is a huge collection of gifts and favors available apart from the above-mentioned articles. These are equally stunning and can make the guests as well as the brides feel special. You can gift wine or champagne bottles, flower bouquet, perfume set, etc. to the newly married couple. You can also gift a beautifully designed jewelry, clutch, handbag, cosmetic kit, manicure kit, etc. to the bride. Some other interesting favors include bookmarks, stylish pizza cutter, cookie cutter, artificial flowers, etc.

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