Ways To Have Beautiful Wedding Flower Decorations

Ways To Have Beautiful Wedding Flower Decorations From your first stroll in a flower garden to your death day, one thing that has surely made you smile and sometimes gape in awe, are flowers. Their sheer brilliance and beauty make them an inseparable part of all ceremonies. From the very beginning of human civilization flowers have always been an integral part of our lives. So it would be unfair to not include them in your checklist while planning for your big wedding.

Any wedding is as incomplete without the wedding flower as it is without the bride or the groom!! Flowers not only add a warm and fragrant element to the wedding setting, they are a symbol of prosperity and roundness. Over the years, with changes in the style of weddings, the taste of flowers has also changed. Today when a wedding is not just a ceremony but a splendid affair, people take floral arrangements very seriously.

Many elements of a wedding day reception involve intricate floral layouts. The most important undoubtedly, is the bridal bouquet. Mostly hand crafted, this wedding flower is something which is synonymous with the wedding itself!! All eyes turn towards the aisle when the bride walks in with her exquisitely made bouquet. Apart from this, others in the wedding flower list, includes bouquets for the bridesmaids and the floral décor in the entire banquet hall.

Depending on the theme of the wedding and the season when the ceremony is commenced, the choice of flowers is very crucial. In the United States and other European nations, the prices are on the hike. In such a case planning a flower budget and finding wedding flower of your choice in that budget is something which is sort of a problem. But as all locks have a key. This issue too can be solved easily if a few new innovative ideas and certain points are employed.

Seasonal Flowers

Flowers though are very common but not all of them are omnipresent. So it becomes important to choose the right flowers which are present in the season of your wedding. This masks the problem of high cost effectively. Certain flowers like peonies can cost you a fortune if bought in off seasons but when they are in their full bloom, you can stack Olympic size pools with them and still spend almost nothing. If you decide to include locally availably flowers in your wedding flower not only will you be cutting down on your budget but also give a flavor of that area which becomes very nostalgic at times.

Flowers To Complement The Wedding Theme

Though all flowers are pretty, not all of them would look pretty in your wedding theme. It is so important to choose flowers which complement the flavor of the wedding. You should talk to your florist well in advance, which wedding flower which goes the best with the chosen theme. No matter you live in Delhi or Durban, if you plan to do an Indian style wedding, getting marigolds or jasmines is not a tough job nowadays with so much advancement in the flower business.

Planning Well Is The Keyword To A Perfect Flowery Wedding

No matter how small or big your budget is, if you plan your wedding flower requirements well beforehand, you would have no problems later on and everything would go as decided. So give flower arrangements at least one day in your marriage schedule and talk and plan with your florist.

Getting A Good And Dependable Florist

All plans would be unexecuted if you do not find and hire the right florist. There are a few things which you must always enquire before getting to any commitment with the florist. First and foremost try and search one near to your home as you would not want any hassles caused by traffic in emergencies. Then always see photographs of their previous works so that you get a prior idea about how they would deal with the wedding flower. You must book the florist at least 6 to 8 weeks before the actual wedding date.

Ways To Have Beautiful Wedding Flower Decorations

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There are many innovative ways which people are coming up nowadays with to either reduce the flower budget or to showcase their talent and add a personal touch to the wedding flower. Below are few which you can try too.

Be Your Own Florist

One of the most cost effective ways is to make your own wedding flower. Would be brides along with their friends go out flower shopping a day or two before the big day and get flowers of their choice and make beautiful bouquets. This way the budget is cut substantially and is a fun work too. There are many short courses present on the internet and otherwise also, which give training to people in floral artistry. These are hugely popular and enjoyable.

Beauty In Simplicity

Conventionally bridal bouquets are colossal and have a very dominating effect. So brides today prefer more simplistic bouquets maybe just a bunch of red or white roses neatly tied with a ribbon. It is a great idea as is solves the purpose of cost cutting along with giving a very subtle and divine appearance to the bride. Making your wedding flower simple is thus a good option as it makes you the center of attraction and not that heavy bunch of roses.

Coordinate Flowers With The Wedding Dress

One of the main concerns is that the wedding flower fits into the dress of the bride or which the bridesmaids wear. For example if your gown is pearl white, a bouquet made of white flowers would give a monotonous appearance. So you can try and add contrasts with the white flowers in the center of the bouquet. The same holds true for the floral layouts in the banquet. They should complement the linens chosen and the mood of the wedding.

Talking with your florist regarding the budget helps a lot. You must say him or her frankly about your requirements and the amount you plan to spend on flowers. Make a checklist so that while you discuss you do not miss out on any crucial details. Give a general description of what you like and also about any flowers that you or any guest might be allergic to. Such flowers or leaves should be avoided as no one would like to trigger a sneeze attack amongst the guests.

Conclusively, it is most important that the efforts that you and your florist put be counted. So wear an electric smile on your face on the big day as no flower is as pretty as a happy wedding couple. And then as Emma Goldman said, ‘I would rather have flowers on my table than diamonds on my neck’, these beautiful creations would make your day a perfect one.