10 Stunning Ways To Decorate Your Living Room For Christmas

Decorate Your Living Room For Christmas

Christmas time is holiday time. You can expect lot of guests in your home be it friends or relatives. Everyone is welcomed in the house. Therefore decorating the rooms become essential. There are various themes with which you can decorate your living room. Below are few ideas which you can try in your living room to surprise your guests.

Some Of The Stunning Ways To Decorate Your Living Room For Christmas Are:

Lighten Up

Decorate your living room with Christmas tree and mantels. Light is a must in Christmas decoration. Add different colour lights in your living room to bring glow and glory. Use light as a garland in your doors and windows. You can use some light to decorate the Christmas tree and mantel thereby brightening your living room. Decorate using electric light as well as candles. Decorate windows and tables with candles of different shape and size.

Lighten up

Candy Decor

During Christmas time different colour and shape candies are easily available in the market. The red and white candy is the favourite for Christmas. Bring some of these candies or prepare them at your home and you can decorate our Christmas tree with it to give your living room a yummy look. You can make the theme as red and white and decorate your living room with different objects such as Santa Claus, red pine, white snowman etc.

Candy decor

Decorate The Stairway

Stairway is always in close proximity with your living room and hence it is important to decorate it as well. Use colourful pine garlands along with lights to decorate the stairs. Also you can use coloured ribbons and balloons. Place some decorative pieces at the base of the stairs to give it an attractive look.

Decorate the stairway

Simple Yet Elegant

Red is usually the colour for Christmas. You can decorate your living room in a simple manner yet artistically. You can use white for sofa cover and red for the cushions. Decorate the centre table with red candles, cups, berries etc. Also give a bright look to the mantel with red colour artificial lights. Add red ornaments and decorative pieces to the Christmas tree.

Simple yet elegant

Winter Theme

As Christmas falls in winter season, you can deviate from the usual red and green and create an amazing white concept in your living room. Decorate tree with white objects. You can flock the Christmas tree with fake snow. Add sparkling silver to give a winter wonderland to your living room. Wrap gifts in white and silver paper. You can also add white lights to get a feeling of snowy winter.

Winter theme

Classical Decor

This decoration will completely complement your home. You can create a small fireplace in your living room. Decorate the Christmas tree with homemade objects. Use lot of ribbons and bows around furniture, windows and doors. Use candles to give your living room a classy look. Hang few wreaths on the walls to complete the old fashioned yet classical look.

Classical decor

Red Theme

Red is the traditional colour for Christmas and if you want to follow the tradition then decorate the living room with lots of red. Decorate the Christmas tree with red colour ornaments along with gold and silver hangings. Use red bows and ribbons to decorate the furniture. Add red colour cushions to your sofa set. You can also hang red colour stockings which makes your home appealing for the holiday season.

Red theme

Colourful Decor

If you love colours bring them to your living room this Christmas season. You will get lot of coloured ornaments and decorations for the Christmas tree as well as your room. Select any colour of your choice and give your living room a vibrant look.

Colourful decor

Cascading Ribbon

You can decorate your entire living room with colourful ribbons. Purchase lot of different colour ribbons for your living room. Cascade ribbons in Christmas tree to give it a unique look. You can also use your creativity to create embroidery hoops and cascade it in the windows and use them as decorative hangings in the wall. You can also use ribbon to make bows and place it in your living room. You can add it to the pine garland and decorate mantel as well.

Cascading ribbon

Outdoor Decor Indoors

Imagine the natural outdoor trees and bring it to your living room to give it an entirely different look. Purchase pine cones, artificial branches which are easily available in the market. Add large silver and gold ornaments to the trees and surrounding furniture. You can also use artificial snow flakes to complete the decoration. Use small bird nest as decoration to the Christmas tree.

Outdoor decor indoors