Vintage Engagement Rings Buying Tips

Gifting your girlfriend or bride-to-be with vintage engagement ring will add class to your marriage proposal. She will cherish the ring and you cannot find a better way to celebrate the occasion. Engagement rings are precious. It is not only the price but includes an array of emotions entwined in the ring. Today, not only diamonds but also sapphires, emeralds and other gemstones have also become a popular choice for engagement rings.

Vintage engagement rings are equally in demand today. These rings have intricate handcrafted design and speak a lot about the personality of the owner. Most popular vintage rings are those from Victorian times. Platinum and white gold engagement rings were popular during 1920’s. In 1930-40, people preferred white gold, yellow gold or a combination of both. Of course, diamonds studded in white gold rings were popular since ancient times.

Antique Engagement Rings Are Valuable

Antique engagement rings are priceless, valuable and definitely a good investment. The value of this kind of jewelry grows with time. Victorian solitaires and rings with other precious stones have fine artistry. You cannot stop marveling the floral and lace designs on these engagement rings. Vintage jewelry, rings, brooch or necklaces look classic, sophisticated and elegant. Future generations will appreciate it when you pass vintage jewelry to them as part of family tradition.

Stylish Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are extraordinary. You can hear the gasps and squeals of awe and envy when you propose your girl with vintage ring. Antique rings are never out of fashion. They depict the fact that your affection for the bride is timeless and priceless. Vintage rings also speak about the strong commitment and love among the couple.

Vintage engagement rings have a style of their own. The cut is rough and round unlike the sharp laser cut jewelry of modern times. If you wish to buy a floral and lacey ring then the vintage jewelry is ideal for your taste.

Searching For Vintage Engagement Rings

Finding reliable jewelers selling authentic vintage engagement rings is a tough task. You can browse online for such stores and read user reviews before contacting them. Do some research about different types of antique engagement rings like- Victorian, Art Draco, Egyptian, Asian and Edwardian eras. Each era has a different style, art and pattern of jewelry design. Discuss with elders in the family for suggestions about a good jewelry store that sells these vintage engagement rings.

Tips For Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

Selecting and buying vintage engagement ring requires some research. Money is an important factor but there are other tips for choosing the best ring for your wedding. Antique engagement rings are delicate yet elegant. These are more valuable than modern jewelry.You can also ask your girlfriend about her choice of stone, design and color of the ring. It will help to pick the best jewelry for your engagement. You can search online for best vintage engagement ring dealers.

It is possible to buy wedding rings online or at a store in person.Always ask the dealer to provide a gemologist certification. The certificate will contain details about the purity of gold, clarity, and authenticity of the gemstone. If you have a good knowledge of precious stones and antique jewelry, choosing the right vintage engagement ring will not be a tough task.

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