Various Outdoor Wedding Receptions

Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Wedding receptions are thrown after the wedding. The wedding is generally a solemn ceremony where the guests are not expected to talk. A wedding reception is thus a party for the guests to thank them for coming to the wedding. Many a times the bride and groom leave the reception and directly go to their honeymoon.

A wedding reception should be thrown on a venue which is close to the church. If the ceremony itself is to be performed in the venue, there should be a clear divide between the area for the ceremony and the area for the reception. Here are a few wedding reception ideas that can be used for outdoor receptions.

Best Outdoor Wedding Receptions

A Barbecue Reception

Everybody loves barbecues. You could have a backyard barbecue feel to your reception. This would make it informal and also enjoyable. The guests would feel much at ease. A dance floor could be kept and the menu could include smoked items. You could have an ice cream cart for desert. This would be a fun addition to the barbecue.

A Tent

When the reception is outside, you could cover the area with a tent. This could be sheets of silk or chiffon. The color combination might be specific to a particular theme or white.

A Tent

The food could be served inside the tent. This would provide a picnic like feel. The guests could also take shelter from the sun when they feel like it.

Choose A Venue Near A Water Body

The most important element in an outdoor wedding reception is the choice of the venue. The venue is very important as it provides a major aesthetic value to the wedding. The outdoor wedding reception could be hosted near a water body like a lake or a river.

A water body would add a break in landscape and provide an enjoyable atmosphere. You could also have related activities like a ferry ride along the river. The venue could have a vast expanse of greenery. This would be a very picturesque way to have the reception.

An Evening Outdoor Reception

An evening reception would be great for an outdoor wedding reception. You could cover the place with a lot of lights and lanterns. A bonfire might be kept for the guests to sit around and interact in.

Evening Outdoor Reception

In fact, each table could have a mini fire pot where the guests could roast marshmallows. A lot of activities could be done with an outdoor wedding reception.

A Carnival Theme

A carnival theme to a wedding reception is a great concept. You could have fun games that are played at the carnival. A cotton candy machine would be a great addition to this theme. This theme would embody color and fun. A lot of color could be used in both the decorations and food.

This theme would ensure that the guests are entertained and engaged. A number of games and activities would reduce the chances of boredom and give the guests a chance to mingle with others. Colorful balloons could be used to decorate the venue.