Various Innovative And Exciting Wedding Reception Themes

Exciting Wedding Reception Themes

Exciting Wedding Reception Themes Wedding day is the most special day in any individual’s life so everybody wants to celebrate it in a grand way. In order to celebrate it in an amazing and unique way to make it a memorable one, one should choose a style or a theme for a perfect wedding reception.

First you need to choose the wedding reception theme and based on that you should choose the bridal and groom outfits and after that by proper planning, decoration and designing you can execute your most memorable wedding of your life. Think creatively and decide on a particular theme then make the wedding decorations as per the selected theme. Here are few wedding theme options to choose from.

Few Innovative And Exciting Wedding Reception Themes

Traditional Wedding Reception Themes

When it comes to wedding, most people like it the traditional way as they want to portray the family’s style tradition and custom. A typical traditional theme wedding is celebrated by following the custom and rituals of the family which has been going on for ages.

Traditional Wedding Reception Themes

In traditional weddings even the bride and the groom are dressed in traditional family wedding outfits. This traditional theme is loved by most family members and relatives as it reflects that particular family’s culture and traditions to the greatest extent.

White Theme Wedding Receptions

White theme wedding reception is very popular these days. White colour theme represents purity, and therefore, it is one of the first choices for most of the wedding. In this theme white theme all the draperies, chairs, table cloth are draped in white.

White Theme Wedding Receptions

Even white flowers are used so that it gives a feel of peace and purity. White theme looks simple and elegant and adds grandeur to the wedding so it is the preferred theme for many people in their weddings.

Formal Theme Weddings

Another very popular wedding reception style is using the formal theme. Formal wedding themes usually give a very conventional and a classy touch. Decorations are all formally set up and the guests are all dressed in formals to add that extra touch. It is one of the safest themes which can never go wrong.

Hollywood Style Themes

If you are a crazy movie buff then a Hollywood style wedding theme is perfect for you. You can ask your invitees to come in the get up of their Hollywood characters in this way it would give a very innovative and a Hollywood touch to your wedding.

Hollywood Style Themes

Moreover you can also make you wedding decorations based on your favourite Hollywood movie. You can recreate the sets of that movie and thus make your wedding most innovative and different from the rest.

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Musical Theme Wedding

If you are a music lover then you can choose a melodious musical wedding theme. You can either use traditional wedding music or you can make a collection of your own favourite songs and play in the background to give a musical effect to your wedding reception. You can also hire a dj who can play your favourite songs to which you and your partner and other relatives can swing their body. Thus music can create an amazing theme for your wedding.

The Flower Theme Wedding

Flower themes for weddings look amazingly beautiful. You can select each flower as per specific quality or as per your particular behavioural element. Use flowers that represent both you and your partner and then decorate the venue accordingly. Flower theme adds freshness, colour and a soothing fragrance to the weeding.

The Flower Theme Wedding

You can decorate an arch with flowers at the main entrance and decorate the walls with different flower arrangements. You can also place flower vases with flowers or can also use floating flowers on shallow bowls. This would create a very romantic wedding theme that your guests would always remember.

These various innovative and exciting themes ensure that you have a memorable wedding reception for yourself as well as for your guests. Make this special day of your life memorable by using the best wedding theme of your choice.