Unusual Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas

Unusual Thanksgiving Gifts Ideas Traditionally, Thanksgiving was associated with celebrating the end of a successful harvest season. Drawing inspiration from the Europeans and the natives, this tradition was also followed in the United States and Canada. At present, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with much pomp and splendour, thanking God and relatives for every good thing that has been ushered upon them.

And mainly due to this reason, it is often considered an appropriate time for celebrating the joy and success. Feasts and sumptuous lunches or dinners are organized in almost every household. And if you are also attending a Thanksgiving party, it is only courteous to carry a gift for the hostess.

Although, a number of gifts can be chosen for Thanksgiving, think of some unusual Thanksgiving gifts and surprise your hostess. Here is a list of unusual Thanksgiving gifts that you may consider for the next party.

Special Thanksgiving Plates

The festive spirit of Thanksgiving can be easily noticed in the market if you have a look at certain items like the special Thanksgiving plates. These are specially made for the Thanksgiving meals and generally feature pictures of a turkey, an indispensable part of Thanksgiving celebrations. If you gift these plates to your hostess, she will certainly remember it as a memorable gift and it will bring back memories of the day spent with family and friends. Moreover, these plates would create the perfect ambience for a Thanksgiving party.

Gift Some Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies can be great gift items for Thanksgiving and would be perfect if you could put in a few personalized messages in it. These are easily available at the market and can be gifted easily. However, if you don’t want to buy it, make some at home and put it in a basket before gifting it.

Unique Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Although Thanksgiving gift baskets are traditionally packed with items such as apple pies, yams and baked hams, you can think of creating a unique Thanksgiving gift basket. Nowadays, markets are abound with loads of creative gift baskets that have everything from Kosher foods to Five Star dipping sauces, gourmet meals, baked items, imported and domestic wines, organic foods and many more unusual items.

Wooden Flowers

It is a common practice to take fresh flowers to a Thanksgiving party. But, this time, get an unusual Thanksgiving gift in the form of wooden flowers. These are not only beautiful it is a great decorative item that can be easily placed as the centerpiece for the dining table.

Make Some Thanksgiving Craft Items

Nothing can please people more than homemade gifts. And the best way to do so is to make some Thanksgiving craft items. These can be easily made by following the instructions provided in various craft books and guides. It will certainly be an unusual Thanksgiving gift idea.

A Roasted Turkey

A Thanksgiving party is incomplete without the roasted turkey. So, prepare one for the party and enjoy the delicious turkey with friends and family. Your hostess would be pleasantly surprised with this thoughtful and unusual Thanksgiving gift.

Photo Credit: Deluxegiftbaskets.com