Unusual And Unique Gifts For Women

Unique Gifts For Women Women simply adore gifts in any shape and size. When we think of women, the gifts that come to our mind are jewelry, clothes, accessories, etc. These are pretty common nowadays and women go and buy these themselves. Although women claim to be so much in love with presents, it gets repetitive when you gift the same things time and again.

The surprise element comes in when you gift your woman something uncommonly lovely that she will never expect from you. We bring to you the most unusual and unique gifts for women to aid you in choosing the perfect one.

Best 5 Unique Gifts For Women

Golden Rose

If you hate giving her flowers because they die down in a couple of days, get her this unique flower that will remain with her forever. A rose made in golden shimmer will shine and sparkle of the love with which you have gifted this to your woman.

golden rose

This golden rose will be an everlasting gift and will never ever dry up. Place it in a fancy box or a thin crystal vase when gifting it.

Maid Service

If the woman in your life is your wife or mother, ordering them a maid service will be an ideal gift. They must be always complaining of their uptight and worked up schedule, running around doing household chores the entire day.

If this gift is for a special occasion, book a maid service and relieve them on this day from their heavy workload. In this way, you will not only gift them a maid but also some time for themselves.

DVD Or Book Of Soap Opera Series

If the woman in your life, enjoys watching a particular soap opera but cannot always keep up due to a busy schedule, select this unusual gift for them.


Get a DVD or a book, whichever she prefers, of her favorite soap opera series and see the smile across her face on opening this thoughtful gift. She will definitely admire the idea and convey her heartfelt gratitude and love.

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Dinner Vouchers

Almost every woman feels at least once a week that she is gaining ample amount of weight. When she asks this query to her husband or boyfriend, they are dumbfounded and don’t know what to answer.

To lessen this weight gain stress of your woman, get her dinner vouchers of two to three different places with a message saying that eat all you want because you are beautiful the way you are. You may be surprised but she may have happy tears in her eyes on receiving this gift.

Artistic Gifts

If you are a bit creative in writing, write for her a beautiful poem that contains and speaks of all your love and respect for her. These are things that women always wish for but seldom receive.