Unique Wedding Cakes Ideas

Are you making planning for a perfect wedding ceremony? If yes then definitely you’re in need of a perfect cake which can plan your wedding in most memorable way.  Wedding cake is the special and delicious item that makes the wedding occasion purposeful and enjoyable for every attendee of the wedding party.

The time of choosing traditional wedding cake for marriage ceremony now has changed and people of the modernized world demand such cakes which can suit well to their personal style. Here are some unique wedding cakes which are especially used for the wedding ceremony nowadays:-

Wedding Cakes Ideas


To serve the guests with some unique and delicious taste, cupcakes are mostly used on wedding occasion as a replacement of traditional wedding cake. In fact, cupcakes are convenient to use for the guests as they can pick their favorite flavor available in flavors of cupcakes.

Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Cupcakes of flavors like lemon, chocolate or red velvet are the premier choice for serving guests with ultimate taste. The cupcakes can be put on multiple tiers so as to make the guest feel reminiscent of bored taste of traditional wedding cakes.

Cultural Desserts

For the auspicious occasion of wedding, Cultural Desserts are ultimate and delicious cake that is well suited to the weddings of Italian or Southern theme.


The desserts reflects the Italian culture boldly and showcase such culture by serving classical tastes like limoncello, tiraminsu and cannolis for the guests to receive complements for the event.

Chocolate Fountain

If you’re seek of ultimate taste in cakes on wedding occasion then Chocolate fountain cakes always appear to be the best choice. Buds of chocolates are liked by everyone therefore manufacturer of chocolate fountain make a beautiful statement piece as a replacement of traditional wedding cakes.

Chocolate Fountain

The dishes that are manufactured in chocolate foundation are usually dipped into the chocolates of different flavors including marshmallows, pound cake and strawberries which give quite interactive and delicious taste to guests attending the wedding party.

Candy Buffet

Candy buffet offers best taste in cake to the lovers of cakes. Candy Buffet is mostly used on wedding occasion to make the guests joyous with taste of cake after taking their meal. Candy Buffet do comes in different flavors and formats like licorice, gummy candy, fruit candy so as to deliver different taste to guests demanding different tastes on wedding cakes.

Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet generally comes in different colors that creates an aesthetic appeal and offers sweet taste to the tooth. This best part of such wedding cake is that it is very healthy to the body because of having presence of nutritious ingredients on the cupcakes.

Ice Cream Sundaes

For the perfect celebration of special occasions like wedding ceremony, ice cream sundaes are also used as a replacement of traditional wedding cakes. Ice cream sundaes do comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors which can charm every invitee of the wedding party.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Guests of wedding party are totally free to customize chocolate sundae with sweet picks like caramel fruit, candy or chocolate fudge to enjoy fun and superb taste of cake.


These are the best wedding cakes that are now mostly preferred on the wedding occasion. Which is yours favorite cake to eat on special wedding ceremony?