6 Unique Prom Theme Ideas

Unique Prom Theme Ideas

Planning that perfect prom night means coming up with loads of fun ideas and creative decorations. The vital part of the prom party is the choosing of prom theme which is actually the root of all other priorities including color, menu and music.

A prom night is the most memorable time in a teenager’s life and a unique theme adds up to the fun.

Here are Some Unique Prom Theme Ideas

1. Under The Sea Party Theme

This theme is quite popular as it involves a great deal of fantasy and attractive colors. Create a feel of an under-sea environment by draping the tables and the walls with fish netting. Hang fish shapes and star fish from the netting. Shells will look awesome, so place them everywhere. Buy or create miniature of mermaids.

Under The Sea Party Theme

2. Moonlight Serenade

A moonlight serenade theme is not only about the moon in the sky, it can also be about the stars in the sky. The theme is more popular in the urban areas due to availability of more open spaces.

You can pair the moonlight theme with a garden pathway look and decorations can be created as cobblestone paths in between the tables. Sprinkle some confetti and sparkle around to represent the moonlight reflection on water and paths. Play songs on a mandolin. Place twinkle lights on trees, plants and lampposts.

Moonlight Serenade

3. Midnight In The Garden

This is a very romantic theme and always a hit. Decorate with trees, shrubs, bridge, benches and twinkle lights. Also add fake grass and hang blue and dark green gossamer from ceiling to give a dark and romantic look. Place centerpieces full with ivy and roses and place it on each of the table for a romantic touch to the prom party.

 Midnight In The Garden

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Ready-made And Popular Prom Themes

4. Captured In A Dream

In this theme you need to decorate with clouds, moon, dream catchers and stars.You can dress up as characters from your dream. Instead of chairs and tables offer your friends to rest on large pillows.

Captured In A Dream

5. Casino Royale

Nothing can be more glamorous than a Las Vegas casino. You need to find out a local gaming company. Blackjack tables, gambling, over and under wheels and other games are always a hit.

Pass dice beads and chocolate dice and decorate with playing cards, dice balloons clubs and spades. Serve mocktails and it will be a memorable night.  This can again be a hit for those who are not willing to dance.

Casino Royale

Trendy Prom Theme

6. Hollywood Oscar Night

You can do plenty with Hollywood theme. First of all lay out a red carpet for your friends and tack up movie posters. You can also use large film reels, old movie cameras, rolls of spare films and spot lights for decorations.

Hollywood Oscar Night

All this decoration will add to the glamour. Dress up yourself in Hollywood costumes and make yourself ready to walk as a celebrity. Place disposable cameras on the tables. After the party send your guests with a goodie bag containing popcorn bags, movie candies and sunglasses. There are a plenty of prom theme ideas but the trick is to pull-off a trendy theme within budget.