8 Unique Prom Party Decoration Ideas

Unique Prom Party Decoration Ideas

Prom night is the most awaited event amongst teenagers. Everybody wants the night to be memorable and unique in terms of theme, music and decorations. Regardless of the theme selected, every prom needs to meet basic decorations.

Decorating a prom is about taking care of minute details. From lights to party favors, prom party decorations need careful planning at every stage. Here is a list of prom party decoration ideas that are easy to go with and even within budget.

Prom Party Decoration Ideas

 1. Lighting

Lighting is the most important aspect for any prom. It can make or mar the party. Christmas lights are most appropriate for any prom. These lights have a subtle glow and create a starry night romantic environment. For a romantic look, wrap the Christmas light with colored tulle. You can also use tulles to drape the doorways and tie to the chair backs.


2. Party Backdrops

Backdrops really make unique decorations. Background paper and colorful stage backdrops enhance the atmosphere and aids in photography.

There are plenty of creative backdrops and sizes available to meet your needs. Go for backdrops made of cardboard, vinyl and mural paper. Backdrops and wall papers really make prom decoration come to life.

Party Backdrops

3. Balloons

Balloons create great display at any type of party. There are various shapes and sizes available including circle, heart and star shapes. Select the type and color that best matches your theme. Tie balloons to the back of chairs, hang them from the ceiling, or use smaller ones to make centerpieces.

You can also consider floating balloons; they add a dash of color to any ordinary prom setting. Release some balloons at the end of the day with special messages on them.


4. Fabrics

A stylish and romantic fabric can be used to cover floors, walls, ceilings and tables. Gossamer is a most common type used for prom parties, which is both versatile and economic. Paper is again a budget friendly option but linens and fabrics are best.


5. Streamers

Streamers are inexpensive, available at various sizes and you can use it to your imagination. Streamers can be twisted to fit any theme, space and decorating criteria.


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6. Confetti And Centerpieces

Sprinkle glittering confetti on the tables. They add to the mood of the party. Place a centerpiece on each of the tables. There are various prom centerpieces available to match your theme. For a tropical theme, go with a coconut candle or a palm tree. For a Hollywood prom party, a trophy would be perfect.

Confetti And Centerpieces

7. Prom Garlands

Prom garlands also make unique decorations and help to create great scenes. You can hang garlands from tables or ceilings. They are available in spiral, wire, fringe, and many more.

Prom Garlands

8. Prom Curtains

Consider adding metallic curtains to your doors. They would definitely boost your prom theme. Select curtain colors that match your prom theme.

They are many stores available that cater to prom decoration needs. Check out some inexpensive stores that keep good variety of prom decorations. With little creativity added to your decoration, you can easily get the night of your dreams. Now that you have the ideas, everything is within your grasp.

Prom Curtains