4 Unique Ideas For Graduation Party Invitation

Graduation Party Invitation

Unique Ideas For Graduation Party Invitation

Graduation is the culmination of all the years of hard work and studying. A graduate deserves a graduation party to celebrate this great achievement. When planning a graduation party, the first thing that you need to do is to send out the invitations.

It is not just about sending mass text messages or emails to your friends, asking them to come to the graduation party. You need to put some thought into how you want to present your presentation and here are a few ideas that you can use:

Unique Ideas For Graduation Party Invitation

Diploma Invitation

Diploma Invitation For Graduation Party

Instead of sending out the usual card invitation, you can make your invitations more unique by creating a diploma invitation. Create your invitation in the format of a diploma. You can just print the diploma invitation for the graduation party on card paper or you can use parchment paper similar to the one used in making diplomas.

If you are using parchment paper for your diploma invitation then you can just roll it like a diploma. After rolling the diploma invitation then you can tie a short piece of ribbon to keep it together.

Graduation Cap Invitation

Another fun and unique idea that you can use for your graduation party invitation is to make it in the shape of a graduation cap or the mortarboard. As soon as your guests receive your invitation, they will immediately know that they are being invited to a graduation party.

Graduation Cap Invitation For Party

It is also a fun way to send your graduation party invitations instead of using the more common rectangular card invitations. You can just print the details of your graduation party on the back of your graduation cap invitation card.

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Graduation Photo Invitation

A graduate should always be proud of his achievement and there is no better way to show that than by sending out graduation photos as invitations. You can print out several copies of the graduate’s graduation photo and print the details of the party on its reverse side. Just place the graduation photo inside an envelope and you have a unique graduation party invitation.

The graduation photo/party invitation can also serve as a keepsake for your guests to remember your graduation. Family and friends can just place the graduation photo invitation and place it in their home as a remembrance of your great achievement as a graduate.

Graduation Photo Invitation For Party

Magnet Invitations

Party invitations do not have to be printed on paper all the time. There are other ways that you can do to make your graduation party invitation unique and one of them is to create magnet invitations. The photo of the graduate and the party details can be printed on the surface of a refrigerator magnet.

Magnet Invitation For Graduation Party

Place the refrigerator magnet invitation in a small envelope and send them out to your family and friends. Your guests will enjoy receiving your invitations and what is great about them is that they can also serve as party tokens. They are not like regular card invitations that guests just throw out after receiving them. Your guests can keep the magnet invitations as a remembrance and just place them on their refrigerators.

Ideas For Graduation Party Invitation