6 Unique Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Graduation Party Decoration

Decorating for a graduation party is a culmination of rigorous planning and hard work. As you are heading onto the real word after securing a graduation degree, you need a party and definitely a picture-perfect one. The first step would be to choose a theme from the myriad of options available.

Once you are done, the next step goes into tailoring the decoration to your theme. Remember, theme decorations are not all difficult; rather theme parties are easier to plan. We bring to you some exclusive graduation decoration ideas that will fit to any theme you choose:

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

1. Colors

When it comes to graduation party, school colors or graduate’s favorite colors work best. However, color should be customized to the theme. For “night at movies” theme, gold, silver, black and white perfectly replicate the charisma of Hollywood. On the contrary, “Polynesian luau buffet” theme demands multi-colored approach with bright topical shades.


2. Party Favors As Decoration

When you invest in favors, try making them a part of your decoration. For example, small rubber ducks with graduation cap make great favor for graduation party. Write your guests names on each of the cap and use them as graduation place holders. Or, if you are thinking of full-sized graduation caps, fill them with balloons and flowers and place them as centerpieces on the tables.

 Party Favors As Decoration

3. Memory Board

It would be nice to add a memory board to your graduation decoration. It also makes a great gift for the graduate. Get a white paper roll and place it on a wall in your party space. Keep markers, crayons, and paints to allow your guests leave pictures and messages. Don’t you think it’s a living art?

Memory Board

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4. Congratulation Banner

A congratulation banner can also be part of your decorations. Order your customized banner from a local party store, or make on our own with the name and photo of the grad.

 Congratulation Banner

5. Table Decorations

A perfect and creative table decoration adds sensation to the overall theme. Cover the table with a table cloth and sprinkle some glittering confetti on it. This is the fundamental, but how to add a personal note? You can decorate by displaying items such as school memorabilia, diploma, and pictures of the grad.

Set out a specific table and place your favorite book with a fancy pen on it. Now, encourage your guests to sign the title pages and the inside covers like the way they would do in a yearbook. Set up a sign and print it on a paper; put it in a photo frame and keep together with the book. Other than this, you can place white pillar candles in small fish bowls, and use them as centerpieces for all the tables.

 Table Decorations

6. Add Personal Touch To Your Decoration With Card Box

Special decorative touches sometimes make the great difference. A nice way to add personal touch to your decoration ideas is to include a special card box or check box for your guests to leave cash and cards for the grad.Any wooden or painted box with a slot in the top will do. The outside of the box can be decorated with school pictures or any personalized pictures.

 Add Personal Touch To Your Decoration With Card Box