3 Unique Gothic Wedding Theme Ideas

3Unique Gothic Wedding Theme Ideas

If you are fond of dark colors like purple, deep red, navy blue and black, this theme would be perfect for you. A Gothic wedding theme is also ideal for a Halloween wedding as it is a slightly macabre theme. Since medieval and Victorian elements dominate the Gothic subculture, you can also select this theme if you wish for a wedding straight out of the middle ages! Here are some ideas to help you plan your own gorgeously dark Gothic wedding.

Different Ideas On Gothic Wedding

Gothic Wedding Attire And Accessories

Gothic Wedding Attire And Accessories

Gothic wedding gowns come in intriguingly beautiful color combinations like purple and black, red and black, etc. It is also perfectly acceptable to wear a white gown with grey or black accents, since white is a color that is also commonly used in Gothic fashion.

The bridal bouquet should complement the theme. Dark and richly hued flowers like Black Barlow Columbines, Black pansies and roses sprayed black would make a perfect Gothic bridal bouquet. A dried flower bouquet is also acceptable.

Bridesmaids can wear dresses that complement the bridal gown accents. Online stores like eBay have a nice range of Gothic wedding dresses, which include themed Gothic wedding gowns like Gothic Lolita gowns. There are also a number of sites that offer Gothic wedding jewelry and other accessories.

Etsy is a good place to find silver Gothic jewelry set with stones like black onyx, garnets and more. It is also possible to buy Gothic engagement and ‘his and her’ wedding ring sets online. For the bridegroom and his groomsmen, old fashioned black tuxedoes with tails, bowties and top hats with perhaps a silk ruffled red, purple or black shirt would be ideal. A boutonniere that matches with the bridal gown accents would also be a good idea.

Gothic Wedding Decorations And Menu

Gothic Wedding Decorations And Menu

The décor for a Gothic wedding should complement the chosen color scheme like black and purple or black and red. It can be a lot of fun to decorate for a Gothic themed wedding (almost like a second Halloween). Use crepe, netting, drapes, fake cobwebs, dried flowers, ribbons and lace that go with the color scheme, to decorate the wedding venue.

Dark flowers or spray-painted flowers can be used to decorate the arch and aisle. Tables and chairs can be decorated with delicate and lacy slipcovers featuring the chosen colors. For table centerpieces, some nice Gothic candelabras or vases with dark flowers would do nicely.

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Amazon offers some charming Gothic wedding centerpieces and even wedding cake toppers. For a typical Gothic wedding cake, go with a white cake decorated with dried flowers or frosted flowers and icing in the colors of your choice. Using food coloring, you can make your traditional wedding menu suitably Gothic.

Gothic Wedding Invitations And Favors

Online stores like Zazzle offer a variety of pretty Gothic Wedding invitations. If you wish to save money or add a truly personal touch to your wedding, you can make your own! To make a simple yet charming invite, use sheets of cardstock that match the selected color scheme and paints, markers and fake cobwebs or dried flowers for decoration.

You can also write out your message in Gothic lettering. When it comes to favors there are a number of fascinating options, from ornate photo frames and pot pourri to candles and more. You can purchase these at affordable prices online or go the DIY route and make your own.

Gothic Wedding Invitations And Favors