3 Unique Gifts To Celebrate 2 Month Anniversary

Unique Gifts To Celebrate 2 Month Anniversary

Feeling that you have is great, while you are dating a girl whom you like and adore. It is a wonderful experience to spend time with a person who knows well how to make you feel comfortable and happy all the time. So it’s wonderful when you are completing 2 months with your girlfriend.Now, how to celebrate this occasion though it’s not something for which you call your friends and relatives but sure it has importance of its own. This is something intimate between you and your girlfriend, which you ought to make special as this will send a message to your girl that you do care for her.

Unique Gifts To Celebrate 2 Month Anniversary

1. Gift Her Subtle Excitement

You can give her some present that is not too flashy but sober and has a touching feel to it. Girls really love it when their boyfriends show such nuances of care. You can take her on a surprise date on completion of 2 months; ask her to be ready for a new experience. Take her for mountain climbing (if she can do it) or exploring exotic natural spots around. In the evening you can visit any of your regular hangout places with her. This surely can be a nice way to celebrate the 2nd month anniversary.

 Gift Her Subtle Excitement

2. Gift Her Novelty

If you are good with arts then take her breath away by making some origami roses for her, around a dozen and stick them to a heart shaped paper board for her. You can also try the evergreen chocolates for the lady.

 Gift Her Novelty

Make sure you customize them to suit the occasion by getting her name spelt on each chocolate with ‘I love you’, ask her newspaper boy to deliver it at her doorstep. She will just love the present and your idea too. If nothing else, the oldest of ideas will work, give a bunch of her favorite flowers.

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3. Gift Her Time And Love

As the 2nd month anniversary gift you can take her, to have fun together, for a movie, by the evening you will be all set to have a nice dinner together at your favorite place. This is a nice plan if you don’t want to do much show off. Going for a long drive with her won’t be a bad idea either as the two of you will be alone, you can grab the chance to give her a little present too.

She will be pleasantly surprised to get it from you. It is always advisable to get several small gifts for the girls than to give them one costly gift, as they like a little pampering. Costly gifts are ok but they have their own importance and can’t be repeated regularly, small ones are to surprise her instantly.

It will be a great idea to start a practice like growing a plant in your garden on the day of anniversary and celebrating with champagne. This is one idea of making her happy that won’t even cost you much but surely will catch her attention towards your sweet disposition. The plant will keep growing as your relationship grows with time, on every anniversary, come down to the plant and it will refresh your memories.

Gift Her Time And Love