3 Unique Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

Father's Day Photo Gift Ideas

Father's Day Photo Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate “Dad” so if you want to make this day extra special for your pop, give him a personalized gift like a photo gift. Read on to discover some unique Father’s Day photo gift ideas.

Store-bought And Customized Father’s Day Photo Gifts

Surprise your dad with some really nifty photo gifts that you can easily purchase online. Of course, the photos need to be provided by you, unless you want to give your dad photo gifts featuring bird or animal photos, scenic photos, etc. Pick the best photos you have of yourself or family (including pets!) to make a memorable gift.

It is a little unconventional to use general themed photos for photo gifts but that makes it unique! You can find plenty of free image resources online, which allow you to use photos provided you credit the copyright owner. For example, Flickr has loads of photos which are released in the creative commons. You can also purchase photos online.


Online stores like Zazzle and Personal Creations offer some nice customizable Father’s Day photo gifts. From items like mouse pads, ties, mugs to t-shirts with photographic images, you can find fun photo gifts at these stores. All you have to do is send a really cute family photo or a photo of you alone to the sellers, and they will have it printed on the item for you and delivered.

Purchasing digital scrapbooks and customized digital photo themed Father’s Day cards online is also an option. Alternatively, if you want a simple yet sentimental gift for your Dad, you can purchase ornate and carved frames online, at antique stores, flea markets and garage sales, choose the best photograph you have of yourself or your family with your Dad included, and have it enlarged to fit the frame.

DIY Father’s Day Photo Gift Ideas

If buying customized merchandise doesn’t appeal to you, and you want to go the DIY route to make your very own Father’s Day photo gift, it is fairly simple to make one and at little expense too. All you need is cardstock, markers, colored papers, cardboard and other craft tools to make an awesome photo gift that says it all.

The Disney family site has some really cute ideas that kids can use to make photo themed presents for their dads. If you’re not a kid, you can make your own ‘grown-up’ Father’s Day photo gift using a base like cardboard, glass, or any firm substance to mount a photo collage made from your family photos. 

DIY Father’s Day

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If you know a little carpentry or can get someone to help you in your task, you can make your own carved wooden wall photo frames, desktop photo frames, maybe even a swiveling wooden photo display. Similarly, if you can knit or crochet, make knitted  photo frames or a little photo album with a knitted cover, filled with the very best family photographs you have.

For those who can sculpt, making a curious looking photo stand out of the chosen medium would be unique and extremely creative (make note you may need to use glass or clear plastic to actually ‘hold’ the photos). Painters can decorate a plain wooden frame with exquisite designs, and add a family photo to make a gift their dads will treasure for always. Similarly, you can use other methods to make your very own creative and thoughtful Father’s Day photo gifts.

Wooden Frame