3 Unique Farm Birthday Party Ideas

Farm Birthday Party

3 Unique Farm Birthday Party Ideas

Farm birthday parties are the ideal choice for children that love animals and the countryside. If you are planning on hosting a farm birthday party for your child, you will find the following ideas useful.

Farm Birthday Party Ideas

1. Farm Birthday Party Invitations And Favors

You can find an awesome variety of farm birthday party invitations with cute graphics featuring adorable cows, farmhouses and cute little farmers at sites like Zazzle. You can also find free farm birthday invitation templates online. Alternatively, if you wish to go the DIY route, a visit to the craft store will help you get everything you need to create a cute little invite of your own.

The Disney family site features a nice farm birthday invitation tutorial. You can also enclose a roll of farm themed stickers or bookmarks as a small gift. For favors, you can purchase items like the cute farm themed paddle balls and farm animal finger puppets at eBay or farm animal toys and crayon sets from Amazon. You can also purchase party favor boxes at Amazon.

Farm Birthday Party Invitations And Favors

2. Farm Birthday Party Decorations And Supplies

Sites like Sears, eBay, Etsy and Amazon offer a variety of farm birthday party decorations and supplies. Etsy has some nice farm birthday themed banners which you can string across the ceiling indoors, or tie to wooden posts on either side of the buffet table if the party is outdoors.

At Amazon you can purchase cow, pig shaped, tractor, cow print balloons, and more. String up these balloons in sets of three with red, yellow and white ribbons, reserving a few balloons for your little guests. Plastic and stuffed farm animals add a cute touch to a farm birthday.

Farm Birthday Party Decorations And Supplies

You can also use real hay and miniature hay stacks to decorate the party venue for an authentic barnyard feel. If you are hosting an indoor party, be sure to lay down plastic sheets or some other protective covering on the floor before decorating with hay. The buffet table can be covered with either a checked cloth or you can purchase the plastic cow print tablecloth that is available at Amazon and eBay.

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3. Farm Birthday Party Games And Menu

Kids love playing dress-up so give them a chance to either dress up as little farmers or farm animals by giving them farm animal masks or straw hats and tell them to come to the party dressed in overalls. You can also purchase colorful cowboy hats from eBay. Traditional games with a farm themed twist would be ideal for a farm birthday party.

Your little guests are sure to love breaking piñatas with sticks, so make a farm themed piñata like a cow shaped piñata filled with goodies like farm themed pencils, candy and stickers. Another nice game is ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. For this game all you need is a large poster of a donkey, a paper tail or a ribbon and a blindfold.

You can also look up the Disney site for more game ideas. When it comes to the menu, include lots of veggies and authentic farm fare like pies and other dishes. If you need ideas for a farm themed cake, you can refer to the Disney site for a cute pig cake, or you can make an ordinary cake and decorate it with cows and other farm animals.

Farm Birthday Party Games And Menu

Alternatively, you can bake a cake in the shape of a barn and decorate with red and white fondant, and some chocolate icing for the details. Add a final touch to the cake by using farm themed cake toppers and candles from Amazon to decorate it.