6 Unique Engagement Party Decorations Ideas

Unique Engagement Party Decorations Ideas

When you are all set to officially announce your wedding through an engagement party, you probably would like to make it a visual feast for your guests. Your engagement party could open up new décor ideas and themes that you may use for your wedding reception too.

A well decorated engagement party could give your guest a preview of what your wedding reception will look like. Therefore, we suggest you few unique engagement party décor ideas that will make your event fun, inviting and memorable. Remember, every little idea that pops up in your mind can add to the event.

Unique Engagement Party Decorations Ideas

1. Centerpieces

Centerpieces always form a crucial part of decoration. Try to choose a centerpiece that mirrors both the theme of the party and the couples announcing their engagement. You may consider placing photo frames with your childhood photographs in it.

Candles also make great centerpieces. You may consider floating candles in the shape of flowers that can be placed on glassware pieces, sniffers or in any bowl. You can also place candles in votive candleholders.


2. Photo Collage

For a perfect engagement party decoration, go for a timeline or photo collage that incorporates your photos as a couple. Timelines are used to compare the lives of couples particularly with a huge age gap between them.

Collages are comparatively easier to make as you don’t have to maintain dates. Use copies of the photos, scrapbooking templates, stickers and other tools to create your unique collage. You can put them on your tables as centerpieces or hang them outside on a wall.

Photo Collage

3. Party Backdrops

Party backdrops add that extra note to your decorations. A natural backdrop of trees, a skyline or a mountain view can add splendor to your engagement party. Party backdrops are easily available at any of the local stores. You can rent or buy them as per your need.

Backdrops help to create wonderful settings for photography.  Consider a heart patterned corrugated paper as a romantic backdrop for your engagement party, or any theme based backdrop such as a Hollywood entrance.

Party Backdrops

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4. Add Gag Items In Your Decoration

You can add gag items to your decoration such as handcuffs, chain or a ball, a rolling pin and an apron with your future husband’s name written on it and many other similar items. Baby items and diapers could also be used to add little humor to your engagement.

 Add Gag Items In Your Decoration

5. Balloons

Balloons are the most versatile and inexpensive tool for any kind of decorations. You can use balloons in as many ways as you like. Tie a bunch of balloons at the entryway of the engagement party venue.

Alternatively, you can create an arch of balloons to walk through when you and your partner enter the party. Also, consider decorating with streamers and confetti for adding that sparkling look to your event.


6. Decoration Tips For Engagement Party

Your decoration should be tailored to the theme selected for the engagement party. If you have chosen a theme like cocktail party, casual BBQ, Hollywood night, or any activity, then decorations should accent the theme.

Twinkle lights can be placed in shrubs, trees and other outside plants; they are great for any outdoor decoration. For outdoor engagement party decoration consider decorating with lighted paper lanterns. They help to set the mood for dancing.

Decoration Tips For Engagement Party

Finishing touches are very important for a flawless look. Consider some reasonably priced items like candles, fresh flowers, loose petals, and photos of the couple as engagement party decorations.