Unique Designs Of Bridal Shower Cakes

Bridal Shower Cakes The ritual of a bridal shower is very old and was originally formed with the idea of helping a newlywed couple to have essential items for their future married life.

Nowadays, with the changing trends, a bridal party is not just limited to giving crucial gifts to the wedding couple, but to make it a fun and memorable occasion. This is an occasion where all the close buddies of the would-be-married couple can express their affection and gratitude in the form of gifts, blessings and wishes.

While planning a wedding shower party, a bridal shower cake cannot be missed out. After all, the cake should be extra special and not some ordinary cake. Here, take a quick look on some fabulous cake designs for a wedding shower.

Popular Designs Of Wedding Shower Cakes

Wedding Gown & Bridal Corset Cakes

These are one of the most common designs of a wedding cake, but still considered the best one. These delicious cakes are made in a wedding gown shape or some brides even go for corset designed cake. You can also go with the idea of matching the design of the cake with your bridal dress.

wedding gown shape cakes

This cake looks really beautiful and is adorned with pearls and flowers. If you are going for the corset design, make sure to choose a bold color like red or purple. Avoid taking dull colors for the cake like white or peach as it fails to highlight the details of the design.

The Modern Cupcake Stands

While planning for a cake, it does not mean that you always have to choose a single tier or a multi-tier cake. Nowadays, cupcake stands are in a huge demand and they look equally elegant like tier cakes. Moreover, a cupcake stand is easier to consume and serve as compared to a single tier cake.

Guests can easily take out their favorite cupcake instead of making a mess from a single cake. Alternatively, you can make a huge cake on top of the cupcake stand in case the bride wants to cut her own cake instead of cutting small cupcakes.

Castle Shaped Cakes

Castle shaped cakes are a perfect surprise for the bride, especially if she is in love with fancy things. A castle shaped cake can be made in as many flavors as you want. It looks extremely pretty and beautiful.

Castle Shaped Cakes

Moreover, you can add a personalized picture of the wedding couple on the cake, so as to make the cake look all the more special. One can also modify the cake as per the theme of the party. For instance, if your theme is related to beach or water, you can make a blue castle cake with a small lake in the center.

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Contemporary Style Cakes

If you are willing to shed some few extra bucks for your wedding cake, you can opt for a classy contemporary designed cake. These modern style cakes are beautifully ornamented with various kinds of accessories like ribbons, flower petals and pans.

As they are made with the finest details, the cost of these cakes can be a bit costly as compared to the ordinary cakes. While selecting the design of the cake, make sure to keep in mind the personality and preference of the wedding couple.

Other Creative Cake Designs

There are some other creative designs of cake which includes a wedding shoe cake or a large pillow cake. A very interesting design is a jewellery box of the bride. It can be made beautiful with a ring on the top of the box with a pearl necklace peeking out a bit.

large pillow cake

A tiffany box can also be used as a cake design made in blue and white color. Apart from that, if the bride has a special love for her belonging like her teddy bear, a particular dress or her chair, you can use this as the cake design.