7 Unique Black And White Wedding Invitation Ideas

Unique Black And White Wedding Invitation Ideas

The dramatic and chic combination of black and white have started to become quite a rage with respect to wedding invitations. These two colors make quite an elegant and yet formal base to the wedding day.  They can create either a simple and sophisticated card or even a classic and stylish one. Here are few ideas to get you started.

Ideas For Black And White Wedding Invitation 

Flower Designs

Flower Designs For Black And White Wedding Invitation

On a white background paint small baby pink butterflies and then use the color black to draw twirled and twined flowers and vines. The writing on the card can be in white on a black background. You could even paint or even stick a photograph of a bunch of white roses on a black background to make a simple and elegant looking card. Write on the bottom of the card with silver on a deep black background. Paint a single long stemmed burgundy red rose on a white background and write the card using black. The red color adds glamor to the black and white color. Contrast your black and white theme with a stark color like cobalt blue or even emerald green. Stick an emerald colored painted dry leaf on white paper and write on it with black.

‘Bride and Groom’ Designs

Draw the picture of the bride on white and the groom in black tuxedo in one corner of the card and write on the other corner with a different color, like navy or even gold, to contrast the black and white color scheme. Make you card look like a photo frame. Stick the picture of the bride and the groom in the center of the card and paint the corners with a thick border in with black and white stripes or even form a even more intricate floral design.

Bride and Groom Designs For Black And White Wedding Invitation

Sunset Designs

Why not make a charcoal or even a simple pencil sketch of a sunset or even a bunch of flowers in the center of the card? You could write with a quill dipped in black ink to give your card a traditional and vintage look. On a black piece of paper, using silver paint and silver dust, paint the picture of a sunset on the sea. Write in white on the bottom of the card. Your sparkling card is sure to get noticed by one and all. Use the picture of a bright sunset with the silhouettes of the trees and the horizon in deep back in the distance to form a smart and enchanting looking card.

Sunset Designs For Black And White Wedding Invitation

‘Wedding Decor’ Designs

You could draw a hanging chandelier in black on white textured paper and add some sparkle to it by sprinkling either silver dust or even adding some yellow paint to show the yellow bulbs on the chandelier. Cut out champagne glasses with white paper and stick it on a background. It looks splendid and yet innovative. On black felt paper, stick two white doves and then write below with a silver pen. Write below with black. On a black background paint the picture of two rings in gold. You could even add a crystal to each to resemble the solitaire of the ring.

Wedding Decor Designs For Black And White Wedding Invitation

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Beach Designs

If you are having a beach wedding then stick shells on white cardboard all around the card and write in black. You could even sprinkle your entire white paper with sand and then stick a black piece of paper in the center and write on it with white.  Another idea for a beach wedding is to draw the silhouettes of the palm trees amidst the silver seas. Do this on a slightly grey tones white paper to bring out the maximum effect.

Beach Designs For Black And White Wedding Invitation

Winter Wedding Designs

If you are planning a winter wedding then try out this idea. On black paper, draw mountains with grey pencil and then stick cotton wool on the top to show the snow covered peaks. Sprinkle some solver dust on it to add the sparkle. Use a silver pen to write out your card on the black backdrop.

Winter Wedding Designs For Black And White Wedding Invitation

‘Modern Art’ Designs

You could stick a vertically striped piece of silk in black and white on a square piece of cardboard to form the base of your card. The writing could be in simple charcoal black on a ivory white backdrop. Spray paint white paper with black and another contrasting color like bright pink or even shimmering gold. Once it dries up then write on the inside with black. Take a piece of black velvet paper. Now dip a peacock’s tail in white paint and make its impression on the card. Stick a piece of white paper on one corner of the card and write on it using sparkling black paint. If you want to add some color then you could stick the real peacock tail on the black background, instead of making its impression.

Decorate your black card with white pearls on the border and then write with silver. Instead of pearls, you could also use small crystals or even beads. Try making a design with these to make a more dramatic effect. On black paper, stick black beans all over to create a textured feel. You could use black peppercorns as well. Once this is done, stick white paper in the middle to form your card. Use a combination of thin and thick white satin ribbons to form the border on a square piece of black velvet paper. Use these same ribbons to form bow designs in the center to complete your card. These are just a few ideas to get you going. So put on your thinking cap today and make your very on customized black and white wedding card today.

Modern Art Designs For Black And White Wedding Invitation