3 Unique Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

Unique Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

If you are planning for a shower party for a baby boy, then there are numerous unique baby shower ideas for boys that will make the party entertaining for both the expecting mother and also the guests. Here are some entertaining themes.

Unique Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

1. Cowboy Baby Theme

A very popular baby boy shower theme, Cowboy theme can be easily arranged. The market is filled with numerous party favors and other accessories so get creative and make your own accessories for a cowboy baby shower party. Distribute handmade invitation cards that have been given the form of a horse saddle. Add interesting captions like “Saddle up for the new arrival” to the invitation card.

For decorating the party venue, place a table at the center of the room and decorate it with a child’s small cowboy hat. Fill the hat with small inexpensive baby gifts. Add elements of Wild West like toy budges, small horseshoes, and baby cacti. Strew around cow boy hats here and there. Serve your guests with western styled food and beverages like salsa, chili and chips. You can also ask your guests to dress in a Western outfit.

Cowboy Baby Theme

2. Rock Star Shower Theme

Be a little more innovative and try a rock star theme for your baby boy. A rock star theme will surely be enjoyed by all the guests and also the children coming with them. Add wings to your creativity by making invitation cards that look like passes for backstage entry. Personalize the cards by adding individual guest names to the cards.

Create decorations that are based on musical themes like small guitars, microphones and other instruments that are used in bands. Hang plastic records and make paper musical notes and hang them on the wall. You can find these supplies from your local retail shop. However, it will be much more fun if you can create your own decor items.

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Personalize the decor a little more by using blue inkjet papers for creating custom labels on the plastic records. If you have decided on the name of your child then add the name of the child as the ‘artist’ for the album. Add to the list popular baby songs. Dress yourself as rock stars and serve food to guests on paper plates that have been customized into various instruments of a band.

Rock Star Shower Theme

3. Superhero Baby Theme

Boys adore superheroes. If you are expecting a baby boy soon, why not think of a theme that your baby would enjoy. Make invitation cards that have been given the shape of popular comic super heroes. Put on posters of various superheroes on the wall.

Invest on small toy superheroes like batman and spider man, scatter them around the room. Use some models to hang them. Create masks worn by superheroes and make your guests wear them. Introduce games that are based on superhero themes and put pictures of these characters in a basket and make guests recognize their names in seconds.

Superhero Baby Theme

These are some baby shower ideas for boys that will help you to make your party interesting and fun.