Unique And Personalized Wedding Favors

When favors for the wedding are personalised, it makes the guests feel valued, and shows that you have put a lot of effort and hard work to make them happy.  Preparation for the wedding can be a stressful period, with the support of key people it can be a smooth sail.

Everyone loves to receive gifts, let it be custom-made and set your imagination rolling. Think through and buy something that reflects your style and individuality, and such gifts would always be cherished.

Personalized Wedding Favors Ideas

Cutlery Set

To receive gifts that are functional is a joy; a cutlery set is something that is used by all of us regularly at out homes. Order the cutlery set at the nearby departmental store, and customizes the design. Let the handles have a line of small heart motifs in steel.

Cutlery Set favor

You just have to pack the cutlery set in a transparent box with two each of a tea spoon; fork and knife. Gifts such as these are easy on the pockets and are valued; carve the initials of the bride and the groom on the handle of the spoon.

Homemade Juice Bottles

To make juices at home is an easy task and you are guilty – free to consume, since there is no added preservatives and is made at home. This is a unique favour idea, arrange for bottles that are 300ml and light blue in colour.

Choose fruits that are seasonal, can opt for grapes, lime juice with ginger, this is extremely refreshing in summer or fresh mango juice. Once the juice is prepared pour it into the bottles and tie a silver bow around the neck, stick a label with the name of the bride and the groom and mention the flavour and the ingredients that have been juice to make the juice.

Napkin Holders

Holders for napkin to be gifted as a favor might initially feel unusual, but a napkin holder is a necessity, when you have guest at home. Try to sketch out few unique designs and let your groom pick the best sketch, and order them with a professional.

Napkin Holders favor

The colour of the stand can be in sync with theme of the wedding; golden finish holders would look chic. At one side of the holder inscribe “Best wishes Mr  & Mrs” Wrap the napkin holders in gold glitter colour paper, and use a multi-coloured ribbon and tie it like flower at the top.

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Table Mats

Mats for the dining table are available in shops in varied fabrics, prints and colours. If you have not dedicated a large budget for purchasing the favors, these tick the box. You can either choose mats that are made of bamboo, these are very traditional in look and easy to maintain. Another option would be to go for cloth fabric which has prints on it like small flowers.

Table Mats

If you are expecting kids for the function, to cater to their liking you can buy plastic mats for them with cartoon characters on them or a Barbie. This favour idea would be a stand out. These favors, would leave a lasting impression in the minds of the guests, and your wedding day would be exclusive.