Unique and Mystical Emerald Engagement Rings

Unique And Mystical Emerald Engagement Rings A large number of people are slowly moving away from the traditional diamond engagement rings and looking for new fashion trends for celebrating one of the most special occasions of their lives, that is their engagement.

Many people are now choosing emerald rings over diamonds and other precious stones. The deep green color of the emerald portrays a mystic aura that cannot be associated with any other gemstone. Thus, it is considered to be the perfect choice for engagement rings.

The metal used in emerald engagement ring also holds a lot of important for making the ring special. The deep green colored stone usually looks quite understated when engraved in platinum or white gold. However, encasing the emerald in yellow gold makes its appearance even more splendid.

Whichever metal you use for your emerald engagement ring, whatever the cut or shape of the stone or the design of the ring may be, emerald engagement rings look prominent and stand out elegantly from all other precious stones due to their pristine beauty and uniqueness.

Not just women, but emerald stones are loved by men as well, even those who have strong dislikes and likes when it comes to men’s jewelry. Most of the men prefer solid appearance which is greatly reflected in emerald rings and its deep green colors doesn’t look like an exclusively women’s color. Due to this, it is considered to be the best gem for men’s rings as well. Some couples want complementary rings for celebrating their engagement. For such couples, emerald would be the perfect choice.

Top Reasons For Choosing Emerald Engagement Rings

Besides its unique look, few other reasons are also responsible for making emerald the preferred choice for engagement rings amongst many couples.


Emerald has been believed to be strongly linked with springtime and is considered to be a symbol of wisdom, patience, and power. According to folklore, it is also believed that the gem changes its color if the wearer engages in infidelity.

Color of the Emerald

The beautiful and fresh grass green color of the emerald is considered to be the most wanted and supreme. It is believed to symbolize Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love. Thus, it signifies everlasting beauty and eternal love, making it perfect for engagement rings.

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Emerald Tradition

Emerald is one of the most expensive and valuable gems in the world, and has been a part of the legacy of various Royal families throughout the history. Various famous royalties have adored themselves with precious emeralds. It has been commonly used in crown jewel, which makes them even more valuable and the most sought after gem in the world.

Emerald as Birthstone

Many people want to wear rings with their individual birthstones. So people with Cancer zodiac sign or those born in May consider it to be the best gem that should be embellished in their rings.

With a wide range of emerald engagement rings available to choose from, they have become the perfect choice for celebrating the beautiful occasions of engagement and weddings.

Photo Credit: Gaoerde.com