7 Unique And Cheap Party Decoration Ideas

Cheap Party Decoration Ideas

7 Unique And Cheap Party Decoration Ideas

Planning to throw a party, but fearing that it might put you in debt? Well, a unique party doesn’t need a plethora of high-budget decorations and costly settings; all it needs is little creativity with a great deal of planning and forethought.

There is no limit to the kind of decoration you can create, rent or buy. Here is a list of unique and cheap party decoration ideas that can amaze your guests without breaking your bank.

Cheap Party Decoration Ideas

1. Table Setting Ideas

Knife, fork, spoon are common items used to adorn your table. Let’s go for some fresh ideas. If you are giving party favors, pack them in beautiful boxes and bags and tie them with matching ribbons. Now, place those boxes at the center of your table for a colorful look.

If you are throwing a theme party, get inexpensive photo frames that match your theme, and put photos of your guests. Embellish your plain tabletops with sequins and confetti. For winter party, sprinkle some snowflake confetti. Table decorations with confetti are cheap but add sparkle to any type of party.

2. Go For Some Creative Centerpieces

Find out some inexpensive vessels. You might get them in your house only. Place attractive yet economical plants in the vessels. To give the vessels a ready centerpiece look, cover the soil with some pebbles or small stones.

You can easily get stones from any local garden store. You can also place bottles and vases with colored water and float candles in it.  Flowers also make good decorations. Daisies and sunflowers are best for summer parties and add a yellow theme to the party.

Anything can turn out to be a beautiful centerpiece when you add little creativity to it.  Mirrors and votive candles also create kaleidoscopic centerpieces. After the party, the centerpieces can be gifted to the guests.

3. Ceiling Decoration

Ceiling is the place where you can easily add some style. Hang some candles, pom poms, garlands, paper lanterns, stringers, theme party whirls or colorful balloons. Also consider creating a tent or a flag. Compose the tent with inexpensive fabric, sew along the selvedges and pin it to the ceiling. It will add a whole new look to your party. Tissue balls always add an extra note.

4. Stairway And Entryway Decorations

Use inexpensive garlands to decorate your stairways. You can use metallic garland, tissue leaf garland or fringe festooning.

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5. Think Differently

Look at the advertisements for party decorations and think of creative ideas within low price. If you have a glue gun and access to paint and wood, make signs to welcome your guests. These signs can be used multiple times. For impromptu or cocktail parties, instead of plates consider napkins. Remember to use lasting cloth napkins or the lunch-size kind.

6. Food

When you have a hungry crowd to feed, serve dishes that are fulfilling yet cost-effective. Carbs are always low cost and go well with side dishes like meat, cheeses and nuts.

7. Borrow When You Need

It is not possible to buy every decor to match the party. Look for decorative items around your house that will go with the party setting. Some common household items that can be used in parties are succulent cages, elephant bookends, and baskets with Easter leftovers. If you can find these items, use it creatively to decorate your party for a fraction of a cost.