Unique And Affordable Gifts For Bride

Wedding Gifts For The Bride This is the season for wedding and you must be planning to surprise your friend by giving him or her the best wedding gift on this auspicious occasion. Choosing the perfect wedding gift as per the theme of wedding party is a very challenging task for everyone especially when you move to attend marriage of your known bride.

It is only the unique gift of yours that can express your hearty feeling and blessing to your friend for special day of his or her life. Here is the list of top 5 unique wedding gifts ideas that suits well to the theme of wedding celebration.

 Top Unique And Affordable Gifts For Bride

A Picture Frame

A Picture Frame

If you want to give a unique gift to your friend on his or her wedding ceremony then a Picture Frame is really a fantastic option for you. To make your gift more pleasant, you must take a snap shot of future couple and select it for the frame. This unique gift can express your gratitude towards your friend for the special occasion.

Candle Sticks And Bucket List Journal

For wedding like celebration; candle sticks is the most preferable keepsake which can reflect beautiful fragrance of your feelings to the couple.  Bucket List Journal is also a unique wedding gift that comes under the category of funny gifts.

Candle sticks and Bucket List Journal

With Bucket List Journal, the newly wed couple can record activities that they want to perform at the party together and can check as well as edit them after the completion of event recording.

Honewymoon Guide

You might have heard about this unique gift because it is a classical gift for wedding ceremony which  helps the newly wedded couple in choosing the best destination for their honeymoon after wedding. Your honeymoon guide help the couples to make a perfect plan for their honeymoon and enjoy some memorable moments of thier life with perfect plan.

Wedding Toast

Wedding toast is another unique wedding gift for him or her which can be easily afforded by anyone without making any disturbance to existing monthly budget. Wedding toasts usually creates a better keepsake for the couple.

Wedding Toast

If your toast featured on the bottle of Champagne then your presence to the party also becomes distinctive for others because of bringing such elegant gifts for newly future couple.

Movie Tickets

Giving movie tickets of some special latest release to the forthcoming wedding couple at the time of their wedding is really a very special idea. The movie tickets offered by you to the couple can give them chances to spend some special time with each other. Giving movie tickets sometimes seems to be somehow embarrassing for some people but in reality it works as a special medium for making their relationship stronger. Such gift idea also gives a stress break to the couple and enable them to make a perfect wedding planning.


These are the top 5 unique gifts for a new bride. These wedding gifts are not very higher in cost and can easily match to your budget. So, are your ready to express your blessing with such unique gifts for your friends wedding or not?