5 Unique 30th Birthday Gifts For Women

Unique 30th Birthday Gifts For Women

30th birthday is one of the most important occasions in a woman’s as she leaves behind her twenties life and enters into a new world of responsibilities. A woman is very busy in her daily life and usually does not get time to party. All the friends and family should, therefore, try to make this day memorable in her life. You should also plan some unique and exciting 30th birthday gifts for the birthday girl. Some of them are listed in the article below.

Unique 30th Birthday Gifts For Women

1. Gift Previous Moments

Thirty years in a woman’s life bring lots of changes and add lots of memories to her life. Thus, you should try to compile those previous moments and present her in a unique way. You can collect her childhood photographs, school and college photographs, other memorable experiences of her vacation trips, partying with friends and family, etc. A thirty year old woman is most probably career oriented, married or have children. You can, therefore, collect photographs of these events if any. You can either digital print them on personalized gift items or compile them in a video CD or scrapbook.

Gift Previous Moments

2. Gift Something To Pamper

Most of the woman in this age either work in an office or manage kids and family at home. Thus, they may neglect their own life and stop taking care of their health and skin. A spa therapy or a beauty parlor option is yet another unique idea of gifting happiness to the birthday girl.

They can relax in the spa while enjoying several therapies, such as, body massage, herbal bath, facials including glow and anti-ageing, manicure, pedicure, etc. They can even get a nice hair cut and full makeover from a beauty parlor.

Gift Something To Pamper

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3. Gift Something Related To Thirty

Gifting something related to thirty is one of the most unique and amusing ways of giving the gifts. It means that you should gift a collection of things, which emphasize on the number thirty. For example, you can order a cake which is three tiered and add thirty candles on it.

You can even buy gifts like thirty pairs of socks, thirty nail polishes, thirty hair dressings, thirty earrings, bouquet of thirty flowers, collection of thirty music CDs or movie DVDs, thirty chocolates, etc. You can certainly include a card, representing thirtieth birthday of a woman, along with the gift.

Gift Something Related To Thirty

4. Gift Vouchers

Another unconventional way of presenting a birthday gift is to gift shopping vouchers. Thus, you can allow her to buy the best gift that she wants to possess. You can even gift vouchers like her favorite magazine’s subscription vouchers, fitness centre vouchers, cosmetics vouchers, etc.

 Gift Vouchers

5. Gift Travel And Holiday

Women are mostly engaged in different jobs by the time they reach their thirtieth birthday and do not get time to relax.

Gift Travel And Holiday

Thus, the friends, family or the husband can take her out for a small vacation to her favorite place. The close relatives and friends can even take a day off and organize a gorgeous birthday party for the lady.