Typical And Terrific Thanksgiving Food

Thanksgiving Food Thanksgiving is a festive commemoration for the harvest and a day to thank and appreciate everything that has happened in the past year. It is a festivity where all family members and close friends come together and express their gratitude for each other and their importance in each one’s life. All this thankfulness makes this holiday very special.

On this special occasion, there is a typical menu prepared with variety and innovation in each dish, year after year. We bring to you Terrific Thanksgiving Food for your next thanksgiving gathering.

Typical And Terrific Thanksgiving Food


A turkey is like staple diet on thanksgiving. People actually go to the lengths of spending hours in a store finding the best turkey possible for thanksgiving. It is cooked year on year but still can be very difficult to make every time. Just follow the basics and present the best bird this year.

Stuffing Or Dressing

Thanksgiving Dressing

Stuffing and Dressings are always a favorite at the thanksgiving dinner table. You can innovate with them by using different ingredients always. You can make a cornbread stuffing or a stuffing with apples and walnuts. The key is to know what you are using and cook according to their characteristics.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are must haves too at any thanksgiving dinner. There are various ways in which you can cook and present these. Stack potato slices and pour some cream and cheese over the top or bake the sweet potatoes along with turnips in chicken broth to have a tasty mouthful gratin.



Cranberries add some fruit flavor to the thanksgiving menu and serve as great side dishes as well as desserts. You can have a cranberry sauce prepared for your main course or use it in making a jelly or gelatin teaming it up with another fruit. Cranberries surely add in a lot of color and savor to the yummy delicacies.

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A pumpkin pie is a dessert which is normally made for thanksgiving. You can also use pumpkin in a savory dish like a stuffed pumpkin with veggies and cheese. A pumpkin can be huge so think about the quantity you actually require before cooking an entire pumpkin.

Rolls And Breads

Different kinds of rolls and breads need to be set at the table as accompaniments for the ample laid down dishes. They can always serve as side dishes. Serve assorted rolls and breads including some with herbs or garlic.

Green Beans

green beans thanksgiving recipe

Green beans are not a child’s favorite but a vital part of the thanksgiving meal. They can be sauteed with herbs and tarragon in white wine or tossed in lemon butter with some vegetables. However, the most common way of serving them is by making a green bean casserole in mushroom sauce.

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes have to be cooked in huge quantities for the table. You can attach a twist to the simple dish by adding herbs, garlic and cheese to it. You can also include mushrooms and corn to make it vegetable mashed potatoes. Another suggestion is to top it with marshmallows for the kids waiting for their share of the meal.