Two Simple DIY Halloween Treats For Children By Two Little Girls

Halloween is meant for celebration with special costumes and special treats with special people. This Halloween give a treat to your close, special friends and relatives with these two DIY treats and celebrate, capture some special moments and preserve them in your heart. These two treats are Monster cookies and Pumpkin rice crispy cakes. Two little girls explain the procedures in detail and in a simple way as these treats are supposed to be made by children.

While making monster cookies, they mention ingredients and explain procedure. Using a cookie mix is optional. Along with an explanation, they also ask you to take precautions while using oven. As cookies require use of oven, getting guidance from adults is necessary. To decorate cookies to look like a monster, green icing and eyes can be used. As 10 to 12 minutes are required to make cookies in oven, in a meantime they explain the procedure and mention ingredients for rice crispy pumpkin. Adding an orange coloring is essential to make it look like a pumpkin. In the end, green icing and stalks on top are used to decorate cakes.

They also add some fun along the explanation of procedure which will make your experience of watching this video more entertaining. Watch this video, encourage your children to make these treats and let their creativity flow this Halloween.