Tropical Wedding Favors

Wedding Beach

Wedding Beach Conducting your wedding, alongside of the calm ocean, with your beach inspired canopies and decoration; the venue would be a wonder. When you have taken effort and trouble in making your day perfect, choose the best favors you can give to the guests, who have come to shower their best wishes on you. In the olden times, for a wedding, the custom of gifting was always one-sided. The couples used to be showered with wonderful gifts. The trend has changed at present, the couple gift a favor to the guests as a sign of their gratitude, for having attended their wedding, and wishing them all the luck for a wonderful life ahead. Here are some wonderful favor ideas, to show your gratefulness.

Exclusive Tropical Wedding Favors

Star Fish Bottle Opener

The perfect favor, that co-ordinate with the tropical theme, is a bottle –opener, in the shape of a star fish. The bottle opener is a mere necessity at every household, and thus this is an extremely functional gift. You can opt for, an aqua blue colour with a matt finish texture.

  Star Fish Bottle Opener

Pack them in a silver organza material, and tie the ends with an aqua blue ribbon, the wrapping would look excellent and place all the favors in a huge ceramic bowl filled with shells, this creates the colour and there is no need to decorate the gift table further.

Fragrant Sunscreen

When we think of a trip to the beach, one of the first thoughts, which come to our mind, is digging out for the sunscreen lotion. This is an ideal favor for the tropical theme. You can personalise the bottles, order for small sized colour bottles, according to the colour scheme for the day. Opt for a citrus scented, sunscreen lotion that is yellow in colour, and print a label “Best wishes Mr & Mrs Smith”. This bottle does not need any packing, just tie an orange ribbon around the neck of the bottle and arrange the entire bottle in a huge blue glass bowl, filled with sand.

Personalized Playing Cards

Playing cards are used by people of all ages, kids love to play and even adults especially when they are on a trip love to play a game of joker or rummy. Customize the cards using a purple or orange colour which is in sync with the theme.

Personalized Playing Cards

Behind the card, mention the name of the couple. There is no need to make any separate gift packing for these favors, just need to have attractive boxes to put the cards in. Shell Shaped Lollipop If you are having lot of kids for the wedding, it would be ideal to have few separate favors for them, this shows that you have taken care to address their needs. Order for, chocolate lollipops, in different shell shapes, and star- fish. Pack it in glittering papers and tie four lollipops together with a ribbon and these would be hot cakes among kids.

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Woven Beach Bags

Picnics are synonyms with beaches and tropical areas, the perfect favor would be bamboo woven beach bags. These can be order in a local shop, the bags have a rustic finish and these can be carried by everyone for their picnics, and your function would be always remembered.

Woven Beach Bags

  Print out hand crafted labels and attach it to the handles of the bags. Choose the best favor, according to your preference and budgets and your guests would be a happy lot.