Trendy Wine Themed Wedding

Wine Theme

Wine Theme When the topic of weddings, are discussed the first thought that comes to our mind is the wedding toasting and the bubbling champagne bottles that are opened during a function. Wines constitute an important part in the wedding.

If you are having a wine themed wedding, ensure that you serve both red and white wines for the wedding. There would be people who usually drink only a particular type. While planning the wedding, care should be taken to combine appetizers and food that help in emulsifying the wine taste.

Foods such as cheese make an awesome combination with wine and even sea food. The whole theme of the wedding should have subtle wine theme floating about.

Wine Themed Wedding


These cards are easy to craft out at home, give a cream background colour for the card and make two cut-outs of wine glasses, made with silver felt paper and stick it on the front page of the cards. You can even get the template from the internet with two wine glasses over flowing with wine, this helps in getting the message across.


The decoration is the most important aspect that portrays the theme of an event. For the centre piece on the tables, place old wine bottles and put in celebration light that are operated by batteries, this is an awe-inspiring sight, and the room will be lit up, and this and provides a party atmosphere.


The pathway from the entrance of the venue, fix wine bottles and place purple and white colour flowers in them, the wine bottles, replace the flower vases.

Arrange the main stage, where the ceremony is taking place, with an arch made out of flowers that are purple and white in colour. On the either sides of the arch put silver chiffon material floating freely, this creates the wow factor.

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Bridal Train

The bride can be dressed in lovely white frilly gown, with purple thread work around the borders and the neck. The bride’s maids can be dressed in gray colour knee length dresses, these look very chic. The groom and the best man should wear a, purple tie keeping in sync with the colour scheme for the wedding.


The favors that are gifted should be able to scream out the essence of the theme, cork key chains would be a novel gift, and they hardly pinch your pocket. Inscribe the initials of the bride and the groom on the cork and wrap them in transparent gift wrapper, and tie either of the ends, so that it appears like a toffee.

Homemade wines are instant hit with guests, and these do not cost much. Pour the wine into miniature wine bottles, ordered for the occasion; this would be the ideal favors for the wedding. Print a label; mention the type of the wine and the ingredients used to make the wine. Leave a personalized message from the bride and the groom, just tie a colourful ribbons around the neck of the wine and there is no need for any gift packing.

cork key chains

The food that is being served should be able to pair up, with the wine, different cut cheeses would be an ideal appetizers ,accompanied with olive based salads, and for the main course select poultry with a wine dressing. Yummy cup- cakes would be the best dessert, at the end of the courses.

Bake red-velvet and strawberry cup-cakes, and decorate them with luscious swirls of butter cream frosting, arrange them on a crystal cup-cake stand. Your wedding would be the talk of the town, and you would be a trend setter with the chic ideas, relish every moment of your amazing day.