Tremendous Tips For Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving Party Thanksgiving Day is an occurrence when people give thanks to the almighty for all the good things in life and the blessings of bounty of harvest. This day brings with it a feeling of gratitude for everything we have and the relations that we love.

To celebrate this reward of love, everyone gets together on thanksgiving for some good food and fun. To add on to this celebration and have a wonderful party, we give you Tremendous Tips for your Thanksgiving Party this season.

Tips For Thanksgiving Party


If you want to hold a party for your loved ones, it is important that you notify and invite them in a humble way. Go ahead and prepare the guest list so that you do not miss out on any invitee. Once your guest list is complete, make creative invitation cards to send them out.


Mention a one liner like “Let’s give thanks together” or “Eat, drink and give thanks” for the heading continuing with rest of the details. Make sure you follow up the invitation cards with a phone call to add a personal touch and serve as a reminder.


Decorations for your thanksgiving party should be according to the holiday theme. You can get some branches from your garden and make them into a centerpiece tree. Glue cranberries to these branches as fruits and green beans as leaves. Adding themed food to this display will give a beautiful appeal. You can use pumpkin outer shells and place light bulbs or other colored lights in them as illuminated decorative items.


Thanksgiving food is typical but can be made with a variation every year. You can start by serving cranberry slush or juice to all your guests as a welcome drink. The food will comprise rolls and breads, potatoes, stuffing and dressings and most of all, a huge turkey for your family and friends.


Lay down the table with delicious delicacies of the thanksgiving menu. You can have cranberry jelly with ice cream and pumpkin pie for dessert.

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For the entertainment section, you can have Pictionary for the kids which can include sketching everything related to thanksgiving. A scavenger hunt can also be arranged which will keep the kids in top spirits. For the adults, you can have a game called Couch Potato where you need to pass a camera with an auto click option available.

The first player will click the auto button and pass the camera along the others. The moment the camera flashes and clicks a snap, that player will have to say something funny or embarrassing about himself. The player who saves himself from a snap will be the winner at the end.


It is always nice to see off your guests, happy and satisfied. Hence, bake some delicious cupcakes as take away for your guests. In addition, make tasty chocolates and wrap them in cellophane or shimmer papers.