Tremendous Thanksgiving Games For Everyone

Thanksgiving is that holiday of the year which is feted as being thankful for the harvest and the year that has passed by. It is celebrated in Canada on the second Monday of October and in the United States of America on the fourth Thursday of November.

This fact of different dates has actually been used as a joking remark in both places. Since thanksgiving is a day of gratitude, it should be rejoiced in a happy and grateful manner. We give you below a list of Tremendous Thanksgiving Games for your thanksgiving party this season.

Best Thanksgiving Games For Everyone

Thanksgiving Dinner Memoir

You can have all guests sitting in a circle for this game. The first person starts with the sentence, “For my Thanksgiving Dinner, I had a Turkey”. The person sitting next to the first one has to repeat Turkey in his sentence and add a new dish. For instance, he can say, “For my Thanksgiving Dinner, I had a Turkey and Mashed Potatoes”.

Thanksgiving Dinner Memoir

The third person sitting in the circle will then repeat what the first and the second one had said and adds one more item of his own related to a thanksgiving dinner. Any player who forgets or faults in the order of the food items is out. The person, who remembers everything and is the last man standing, will be the winner.

Thankful Duckling

Make a duckling with a ball being the base and the rest of it around it. Have all the guests sitting together in a circle. One person has to start the game by tossing the duckling to any person of his choice. The person who receives or catches the Thankful Duckling has to say one thing he is grateful for in his life.

guests sitting together in a circle

He then in turn tosses the handmade duckling to another player. This game will bring in an aura of gratitude and appreciation and a smile on everyone’s faces. Anyway, every game should not be played to find out a single winner.

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Thread The Cranberries

Arrange for thick threads and needles for this game. Have all guests sit around a table and give one bowl of cranberries along with a thread role and needle to each player. In a set time, they have to thread the needle, tie a tight and huge knot and string as many cranberries as they can through it.

The player with the maximum full cranberries is declared the winner. You can use these strings as decorative items for thanksgiving dinner with other guests or take them to office for decoration.

Hot And Sweet Potatoes

Take a good number of sweet potatoes and boil them. Once boiled and cooled down a little, use them for your game. Place them in a deep bucket and position an empty bucket at a distance. The players have to dig deep in the bucket and pick these sweet potatoes with their mouth and go to the other bucket to drop them in it.

hot potato game

They need to be careful as these are boiled and may have become too soft. The idea is to transfer the maximum number of potatoes in one minute without them being mashed. The player with the most sweet potatoes in the second bucket is the winner.