3 Top Wedding Themes By Color

Top Wedding Themes By Color

Picking a wedding color theme is a popular choice these days. Having a wedding color theme helps you co-ordinate the decorations, attire, wedding décor, invitations, etc. to make your special day look and feel beautiful. Wedding theme colors are greatly determined by your choice of venue and the season of the year. Selecting a wedding theme color is a confusing task since there are so many beautiful color shades to choose.

Many couples get over-whelmed with the idea of zeroing in on 2-3 colors as their wedding color scheme. This article is a detailed guide which will tell you the various color schemes you can select to make your wedding look beautiful. The content here gives you useful tips and ideas on the various popular color schemes used in weddings.

Wedding Themes By Color

Wedding Color Themes Usually Follow The Season Of The Year

Wedding Color Themes Usually Follow The Season Of The Year

It is best to choose wedding color themes in accordance with the season. Summer and spring time weddings are usually done in soft pastel shades. Soft pinks, lavender, lilac, light blue, ivory, cream, peach, etc. are the popular wedding theme colors that can be used during spring and summer. For fall and winter weddings, it is best to stick to deeper shades such as burgundy, gold, rust, brown, etc.

While selecting your wedding theme color, it is important to remember that you must choose 2 color shades that go well with each other. This will make your wedding décor beautiful and create a harmonious ambience at your wedding venue. Selecting wedding theme colors that are a mismatch with each other can ruin your special day. White-pink, lavender-cream, light blue-sea-blue, ivory-pink, ivory-pastel green, etc. are excellent color combinations that work well for spring weddings. These color schemes complement each other fabulously and will help create gorgeous wedding décor.

For a summer wedding you can choose color schemes that are on the brighter side. Yellow-pink, turquoise-aqua, lavender-bright blue, etc. are ideal color schemes for a vivid summer wedding. Fall wedding color schemes will be inspired by nature’s glory. Deep brown-burgundy, olive-rust, mauve-deep brown, red-orange, etc. are popular color themes which can make your Fall wedding truly exquisite.

Winter wedding color schemes must be in sync with the mood of the Holiday season. Any combination of Holiday colors such as gold-red, silver-green, white-gold, etc. will work for a winter wedding. Instead of two color combinations, you can even opt for a 3-color wedding theme.

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Use A Color Swatch To Select Your Wedding Theme Colors Rightly

Use A Color Swatch To Select Your Wedding Theme Colors Rightly

Selecting your wedding theme colors and ensuring that they match with each other is extremely important to create beautiful wedding décor. Use color swatches or a color wheel to select your wedding theme colors.

Color swatches will enable you know the exact shade and also help you determine whether or not the colors of your wedding theme are in sync. Color swatches also have variations of a particular color which makes it easy for you to pick your favorite shade.

Unusual Yet Exotic Color Themes For A Unique Wedding

For couples who want their wedding décor to be unique and different, there are many exotic color schemes. Black and gold is a classic color scheme that makes your wedding décor look exquisite. Peach and gold is also a great color theme that can make your wedding venue look magical.

Unusual Yet Exotic Color Themes For A Unique Wedding