9 Top Wedding Theme Ideas

Top Wedding Theme Ideas

Weddings are never a hush-hush affair and celebrated with loved ones and plenty of planned ceremonies and celebrations. It is the happiest day of the bride and groom’s life and the couple should make sure that everything is just right!

Top Wedding Theme Ideas

Right from arrangements, to food and the guest list, everything needs planning. The couple wants to make the day utmost joyous and special for themselves. In order to make the day grandeur, the couple plans a theme wedding.

So, here goes a list of top wedding theme ideas and how can you plan it with every minute detail such as decor, invitation cards and so on. You can also use these theme ideas for your pre and post wedding ceremonies.

Top Wedding Theme Ideas

Butterfly Wedding Theme

Make your wedding unique and special at the same time with this theme. This theme is meant for couples who nourish similar thoughts.


Include amazing butterfly and jewellery to your outfit, especially the bride. Colourful and delicate colours should adore the couple’s outfits to enhance the look of this theme.

Outfits Butterfly Wedding Theme


It should be in the shape of the butterfly that is a cut out. It should be vibrantly colourful and satin ribbons can be used as butterfly whiskers.

Invitations Butterfly Wedding Theme


Include flowers, an essential element for a butterfly to exist. You can pick variety of colourful flowers and make your wedding a dream wedding. Arrange the flowers in such a way that it looks as if its attracting a butterfly. Choose decor that comes with sticks to give the bouquets a wonderful look.

Decor Butterfly Wedding Theme

Rock And Roll Wedding Theme

Bring melody to the ambience with this musical theme. The perfect theme for the most auspicious day of your life reminds guests of the 1960’s.


Get into the retro style with jazzy and colourful outfits. Everything, right from your outfits, to hair and jewellery should dazzle with the bygone glamour. Velvety jackets, bell-bottom pants, short dresses and go-go boots are an ideal wear to go with the theme.

Outfits Rock And Roll Wedding Theme


It will have the image of a record album that was a chartbuster of the 1960’s. The colours should reflect the spirit of Rock and Roll.

Invitations Rock And Roll Wedding Theme


It is essential to implement the tie-dyed colours of the Rock and Roll era such as pink, blue, purple, yellow, green and orange. The decor should be a myriad of musical instruments with polka dot drapes and curtains.

Decor Rock And Roll Wedding Theme

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Vintage Theme

Bring an aura of class in style and sophistication with this theme. Plan this theme in a garden and celebrate your wedding in nostalgic fun.


Bride should pick a chick gown full in length, subtle in colours, frilly and feminine. Groom should go for a jet-black suit with a white satin shirt and a black bow.

Outfits Vintage Theme


This should be the classy of all, either in black or dark brown in a vintage car cut out. Make sure the size of the card is little huge than usual.

Invitations Vintage Theme


The bride and the groom can make a splendid entry in a vintage car. Velvety drapes, floral designs, damasks and needlepoints should be used in popular colours of the era such as eggplant, bottle green and red. Go ahead and rock your wedding with the theme ideas.

Decor Vintage Theme