Top Ten Kids Birthday Party Gift Ideas

Kids Gift Ideas Children love gifts and birthdays pose a mandatory gift receiving day for them. However, simply giving gifts in the name of doing so is not very impressive. Hence, try and give gifts, which are either enjoyed or are really meaningful for them.

If all the jargon got you confused, then let me rephrase that in a relatively easy language. Buy gifts, which not only look good, but also serve some purpose for the child. Such gifts will not be just appreciated by children, but will be by the parents as well. If you are wondering as to what all you can give as gifts, then below is a list mentioned with top ten birthday party gift ideas, which may seem appropriate for the moment.

Kids Birthday Party Gift Ideas

Blokus Board

This is not some puzzle but a strategy game, which will help children build logic and spatial perception. This board game allows the children to be more tactical and hence, can be used as a game to build a child’s patience level. This game, however, will be more apt birthday party gift idea for a child, who is in the age group of 6-12. The board game looks colorful, yet serves a purpose.

Illustory Or Make Your Own Story Kit

This game has been popular amongst both the children and the parents. The evidence to which can be found through the range of awards bagged by the game. Dr. Toy best toy award, Parent’s choice classic award etc. are just testimony to its growing popularity. It’s perhaps the best learning toy for a child, who is in the age group of 6-10.

Make Your Own Story Kit

The game or the kit allows a child to write and illustrate his own story into a hardbound book. The kit comes with special markers and book pages, which allows a child to use his imagination and creativity to write and illustrate his original story. The story is sent to the publisher in the provided envelope, to only get a hardbound, custom written story by a child! The publisher will help capture your child’s imagination as in the entire story, title, illustrations into a hardbound volume.

Toy Guitar

This is a purposeful gift to any child, who has inclination to play the musical instrument. Instead of investing in real guitar, which may not come for cheap, gifting a toy guitar can be useful. Try the toy guitar from Fischer Price. It is called ‘I can play Guitar system’, which plugs directly into one’s television set and will give a feel of a real video game. The system has 4 levels of skills, which allows the child to have fun as much as play and learn during the process. This birthday gift can truly be a useful gift for a creative child.


Scrabble is another useful game, which aids in building one’s vocabulary. Not only is this board game useful for children, but will be equally good for the parents’, especially those who wish to brush their own vocabulary skills.


This board game allows one to be more adept with the language than anything else. This game is a useful birthday gift for children, who are in the age group of 8 plus.


If your child has visible business acumen, then gifting this board game may help him hone his skills for some real business in the future. Monopoly allows children to plan, strategize before making purchases, sales or ownerships. This can be played with 2-6 players and can be a lot more fun. However, this is a good birthday present for children in the age group of 8-14.

Wizard’s Workshop Puzzle Kit

This may sound like magic, but is more than that. Children are usually fascinated by the elements of magic and this game incorporates both magic as well as puzzle. The game is a puzzle kit, which is available at Amazon online store. The game has wooden balls, metal rings and ropes. The game involves the usage of all these elements to assemble eight bewitching wooden puzzles and a magical maze. This game will be suitable as a birthday gift to children, who are preferably above 8 years of age.

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Electronic helicopter

If a child is awed by the mysterious functioning of an electronic device and often ends up in dissembling them, then gifting him an electronic toy, which doesn’t get shattered on dissembling, will be useful. Try gifting a electronic helicopter that calls for assemblage before flying.

Electronic helicopter

This act will help build a child’s interest in the electronic device, while at the same time help him gain precision with its assemblage. Look out for one, which has a manual instructing assemblage. This will be a learning source for a child with an inclination towards Science.

Mythology Picture Books

Books have been an age old useful and fun filled gift to children of any age. Buy brightly colored picture books or mythological tales that have more pictures to them. The pictures often help in building interest and carry good message for kids, who are below the age of 6. The pictures help them grab the meaning of stories and also help in explaining. If the children are above 6, then boy books with lesser pictures. Pictures can serve a good medium to convey stories about mythology. Choosing ‘Ramayana’, ‘Bible’ etc. can be a good idea to teach children a little about religion, especially through pictures.

Harry Potter Series

Talking about books, if choosing books as birthday gifts is all you have in your mind for a child, then you definitely want to gift the entire series to a child.

Harry Potter Series for kids

These books teach a lot about friendship, courage and trust, which perhaps are the virtues you would like your child to ingrain as he/she grows up.

Magazine Subscriptions

If your child loves to read a specific magazine, then gifting him a subscription can be a good birthday gift. This gift will not just inculcate the habit of reading in him, but will help him cherish a meaningful gift as well. Depending upon the age and the child’s choice of interest, you can subscribe to any magazine. It could be a sports illustration for kids, discovery, science or anything, a magazine subscription can open doors to a lot of knowledge for a child.