Top New Years Eve Party Games

Top New Years Eve Party Games

Every country or region has its own festivities. Most of the festivals change with changing region, religion or ethnicities for that matter. Among these celebrations which are divided in one or other way there is a celebration which comes without any boundaries and is universal to one and all i.e. New Year celebration. New Year is celebration of successful completion of the year and welcoming the fresh one leaving behind all the sorrow and carrying forward the goodies.

Families get chance to get together to enjoy the occasion. It is celebrated after dusk when people get together to party, eat, drink and also enjoy games and fireworks at the midnight. If one wants to organize a party for friends or relatives at New Year eve then all the preparation should be top notch without any hiccups.

The theme has to be decided, the invitation has to be given well before the occasion, the food and drinks are to be decided and most importantly few games are to be thought that can keep the environment lively and maintain aura of festivity. This all is not a day’s work and has to be planned well before.

 5 Unique Games For The New Years Eve

1. Take A Guess

This game can be played by four or more players. All people write down three resolutions each on separate chits and keep them in a bowl after folding.

One chit is picked out and the resolution is read aloud. Now everyone writes down the name of person who he/she thinks might have written the resolution. At the end the person with most correct guesses wins a prize.

2. The Frozen Legs

This is also a multiplayer game which can be enjoyed by all age groups. Music is required. One person generally the host becomes the checker and plays the music which sets everybody’s feet on the move.

Everybody dances till the music is stopped. When the music stops everybody has to freeze in the posture of their last dancing move. Whosoever fails to freeze or makes a move during freezing period gets out.


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3. The Guests United

This is a game for large group of people generally more than 15. The host or someone else announces a number loud enough to be heard by everyone. The number should be in middle range of the number of people participating in the game.

When the number is announced the participants try to form a group of that many people by holding each other hands. The one who is left out without any group is out of the game. The last 5 to survive win the game and gets some surprise gift.

The Guests United

4. Whats The Lie

In this game everyone present at the party comes in front and speaks two truths and one lie about him/herself. The group has to catch the lie between the truths. This is a great ice breaker game.

 Whats The Lie

5. Dance Multiplies

This is a great game to bring everybody on the dance floor even the ones who are too shy to dance. The game starts with a couple dancing in middle of the floor on music. When the music stops both male and female change their partners and start again when music resumes.

Dance Multiplies

The game goes on till everybody is on the dance floor. This is a great ice breaker game for setting up the aura of festivity. So, this New Year eve would not be a disappointing one with such fabulous games to set the mood get going for the celebrations.