Top Engagement Gifts Ideas For Couples

Top Engagement Gifts Ideas For Couples

An engagement party is a happy occasion for all and indeed a light hearted occasion meant just for enjoyment. This is a day when the couples solidify their love and commitment for each other.

So on such a happy yet simple occasion it should not be too hard to find a gift for the couple, right? Wrong, as it is indeed difficult to find that perfect gift which is not too expensive and yet light hearted to suit the occasion. So here are a few tips and pointers to help you find your way around as these are the occasions you can go horribly wrong.

1. Luxury Car Rental

No couple during the hustle and bustle of preparing for the engagement party plans of a meaningless luxury for themselves just for fun. So go and be their saviour. Choose a new limousine and rent it from the car company and put it at the couple’s disposal for two days before the wedding. This will save the couple from the weariness of all the inevitable journeys before the wedding and even make those journeys kind of fun. So make use of this opportunity and be a hero to this couple in need.

Luxury Car Rental

2. Romantic Boat Tour

Well the idea of an engagement gift is supposed to be fun and frolic compared to the serious kinds of gifts at weddings. So arrange for an all expense paid romantic boat trip for the newly engaged couple. Just rent a boat for a full weekend and gift it to them so that the couple can enjoy a nice weekend of fishing, sunbathing and relaxing courtesy of you. They will be really relieved and thankful to you at the same time for arranging such a timely stress buster.

Romantic Boat Tour

3. Cufflinks

Cufflinks is the kind of gift which is very dependable and bound to be appreciated on such an occasion. It might be very traditional but that does not mean that it will be any less appreciated by the newly engaged couple. Though lacking the obvious flair of the above mentioned gifts but if you are short of ideas then gifting cufflinks is the perfect idea which is classy as well.


4. Romantic Gift Basket

This is another traditional gift with huge potentiality to impress the newly engaged couple. However in order to impress you must play your cards right. There must be a right balance of traditional and non traditional gifts in the gift basket.

So go and use your imagination and make the gift basket feel like heaven for the young couple. A point of warning- don’t put ordinary everyday stuff in the gift basket. It will rob the gift basket of its specialness.

Romantic Gift Basket

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5. Cooking Classes

Now this is another innovative idea where you can brag years after the engagement that your wisdom saved the couple from the misery of take out food. Pay for the cooking class for the lucky couple. This will indeed help the couple start off on the right foot for life as a couple and you can be rest assured that the couple will be moved by your thoughtfulness behind the gift.

Cooking Classes

6. Personalized Wine Bottle

Yes, you heard it right. You can personalize wine bottle by putting your message on it. This will indeed make the occasion unforgettable as the couple will be bowled over on seeing their names and photo on the label. This is indeed a unique gift which any and every couple shall be delighted to have. As it is unlikely that the couple had been expecting such a gift you can indeed bask in all the glory.

Personalized Wine Bottle

7. Day At Spa

The modern day couples are much more different than couples of the previous generations. Thus the new age couple can be gifted an all expense paid relaxing day of pampering themselves at the spa. Though traditionally the girl is supposed to like the spa trip better but in the new age era it can be confidently said that this gift will be squarely enjoyed by both the boy and the girl.

 Day At Spa

8. A Wedding Planning Book

This is one gift which is easy on the pockets while still making you look thoughtful for the idea. Gifting the couple a wedding planning book hits the bull’s eye because chances are that the couple doesn’t already own it. So helping them plan their perfect wedding also gives you the satisfaction that you had a part, no matter how tiny, to play in it. This way even without spending big you manage to be remembered by the couple for your ‘eye for detail’.

 A Wedding Planning Book

9. Kaisa Gift Baskets

This idea is exclusively for those who are running short of cash and yet want to give something which the newly engaged couple will remember for quite some time. Nowadays most of the couples are educated and thus concerned about the environment as well.

So the chances of them appreciating eco friendly gifts are much more than those couples of previous generations. So give them kaisa gift baskets of different sizes and shapes and watch them appreciate your thoughtfulness at picking a gift.

 Kaisa Gift Baskets

10. Couples Coffee Mug

Again if money is running short and yet you want to gift something which the newly engaged couple will remember for a long time then become innovative. Make a gift basket with two mugs with heart shaped handles and place a kilo or two of the couple’s favourite coffee in the gift bag provided you know what their favourite coffee is. You can also hand paint the mugs on your own thus making the gift much more personal and off course attractive. This gift will really show to the couple that you care for them and is ready to ‘walk the extra mile’.

Couples Coffee Mug

These are the best gifts you can give to someone on the occasion of engagement. The ideas for the gift vary from the very expensive to moderate to reasonable in price. However one thing in common in every of the gifts mentioned above are that they are really thoughtful. So go out there and buy that lucky couple something according to your budget because understand one thing- it is not your money or budget that counts but rather the thoughtfulness behind your gift.