Top 8 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is the most celebrated holiday of all. Maybe, because everyone gets to involve in it. It is not necessarily all about the lovers or couples. It can also be celebrated with friends and participated by people of all ages and walks of life. Now, Valentines is popularly all about candies and cards, gifts, flowers; so does that mean you have to spend a bomb?

No. Actually, there is a lot you can get going with just a little bit of inspiration, motivation and yes, love! Normally, you would go all the way out and plan the V-day in advance, with the perfect setting and gift for that special person in your life. But what if you have been so caught-up with life that you couldn’t do much for the special day? Well, there is still much more that you can get done for the last minute Valentine’s Day fix-up. Let’s take a look:

Top 8 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Pizza Time

Yes, Pizza is a hot favorite enjoyed by everyone. Did not have time to plan something in advance? Get baking if you have a hand in baking.

Things needed:

Pizza Base

Interesting toppings of your/her/his choice



Just cut the base into a lovely heart-shape using the shape-cutter. Place the toppings, dressings and cheese. Bake as required. Voila! You have a great looking heart-shaped Pizza ready to flaunt to your spouse.

pizza-time 2. A Love-Frame

Didn’t have time to get the perfect gift? Fear not. Just get into a store and buy a nice-looking frame. Now, take a paper (colored/plain) and write in bold on it with a colored marker:



‘I Love You Because 

Fill the blank with whatever you wish to convey to your better-half.

3. A Bouquet of Candies

Valentine’s Day is incomplete without some candies in it. So, since you could not plan a gift in advance, why not go candy-shopping instead. Dash into a candy store and grab an arm-full of your partner’s favorite candies. Now, arrange them together in a cardboard box, tied-up with a gracious red-ribbon. You will be right on time and on-spot with one of the best ‘last-minute V-day gifts’.

a-bouquet-of-candies 4. Room Decoration

Couldn’t get the desired reservation at her favorite restaurant for the V-day celebrations? Don’t panic, as there is still a quick-fix way to make the day a special one for her. Well, just when she has left the house or you have managed to get the house to yourself for a while you can decorate it into a ‘romantic getaway’! Here’s how:

Things required:

Some fairy lights

Flower, lots of it






This is as good as it gets. You can hang-up the string of fairy-lights along the Bed-frame or simply on the ceiling in the best possible way you like. Light-up the scented candles at specific corners of the room like the bed-side, window-sill, and tables or simply at a corner on the floor. Let the balloons float away romantically at their will, preferably near the door. Set the table with the wine bottle chilling in the ice-bucket (optional) and your favorite food laid out. Now, just wait for her to walk through the door. You will have just gifted her one of the best Valentine’s surprises ever.


5. Romantic Mug

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love for your special one. Now, who told you that it necessarily has to be on a piece of paper? Let’s get a little innovative and make him/her a unique gift that will tell all that you have stored in your heart.

Things Required:

A plain mug

A sharpie-marker


Get crazy and creative with all that writing all over the mug you have just bought. Let out your feelings in beautiful words by writing across/around the mug with the marker. If you do not know what to write, simply search for a nice poetry and write it on the mug. Be sure to draw little hearts and flowers or smileys at certain places in between your writ-ups. Place the mug secretly at a place your partner is sure to notice and you have just made the best out of a wonderful day of Valentine’s.


6. Message in a bottle

This is an old romantic. What could be better than to have a love-message to discover at the places you least expect?

Things you will need:

Simple glass bottles

Writing paper



All you need to do is write something very romantic on as many pieces of paper you would need. This could be something you have wanted to say for a very long time or simply sweet-little-nothings for your loved-one. Now, roll up the little notes and pop each of them into separate bottles. Leave the bottles at places your partner is most likely to be surprised at discovering. This makes for the perfect ‘mood-maker’ and in no time you have just earned yourself a wonderful day ahead!

7. Breakfast-in-bed

Have you realized about the Valentine’s Day just the night before and could not plan anything in advance? Well, you do not need to worry, as there is still a face-saver that you can get done the first thing next morning.

Things you will need:

A nice home-made breakfast

Tiny notes popped-up on toothpicks/Kebab-sticks


Well, to start with try waking-up early on the V-day before your partner. Whip-up some of the favorite things that he/she likes for breakfast. Now write up some cute little love notes and fix them on the sticks. Arrange the tiny ‘note-flags’ on top of the food by poking them on breads, waffles or fruit. There! You have an incredibly romantic breakfast-in-bed ready that make for a wonderful V-day surprise.


8. DIY Leather Coasters

These are a complete darling and so simple to make.

Things you will need:

Leather piece not in use

Black all-purpose marker

Colorful chalk-marker


Simply draw heart shapes using the black marker on the leather of the size that you require. Cut the shapes with scissors and that’s it! Your coasters are ready. Now, using the chalk-marker draw your favorite prints or simply write words of love and adoration on the heart-shaped coasters. Cut-up a bundle of these and lay them around the house at places best visible. Your partner is sure going to be surprised with these tiny love-bits and the best part is that you can use them all-year round. No more drink-rings on your favorite table and a wonderful work of art at full display!
DIY Leather Coasters

Well, here you have some of the best in last minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for you to save your day! Love is an expression that needs to be displayed well; and what better than ‘making’ your gift for your special one and spelling out exactly what you feel.