Top 8 DIY Christmas Decorations


It is that time of the year, when you get your goodies out and enjoy the festive season. Come Christmas and it’s all about getting those fairy lights, gifts, Christmas tree and yes most importantly the decorations out. While you have all winter to enjoy, however, you can start with the Christmas spirit straightaway to set the family mood to the great holiday season ahead.

But, does Christmas mean you need to shell-out the heavy bucks from your pockets. A lot can be done if you simply get a little creative and invest some time to the entire spirit of Christmas. So, here I have bought to you some of the easiest Christmas decorations which you can do-it-yourself and also involve your kids and family!

Here Are The Top 8 DIY Christmas Decorations:

1. Outdoor Tree

Items Needed

A small to medium sized Potted Christmas Tree


This one is basic. There is no Christmas without a Tree in it. So get yourself a fairly small to medium sized Pine-tree and place it just next to the door. This makes a perfect company with the door-wreath you have on the door. Now, your guests or friends or passerby’s would get a wonderful feel of Christmas time.


2. The Windows

As we are decorating the entire house, do not forget the windows. The windows make for a great decoration point as they have a natural-light through them, thus adding-on to your piece of decoration. For this, try placing a simple wreath on your window as well. For this:

Items Needed

An embroidery loop/or any loop not in use
A twine of greenery
Some transparent tape


All you need to do is envelope the twine all around the loop and secure with the tape where ever necessary. You could also replace the twine with a nice water-proof fairy-light and do the same. Now, you have a wonderful decoration peeking-in/out from your windows.


3. Decorate The Wall

Do you have a wall that is plain and empty? Or maybe a small, narrow section of the doorway entrance which is blank? Well you can make it nice and cheery too.

Items Needed

Yarn in your favorite color
Stickers/cut-outs/leftover decorations
A star that has been left from the previous year’s Tree-decoration


It’s simple. Just stick the star on top at a height you would prefer. Now take the yarn and cut into as many equi-sized strings as you need. Fix the cut yarn at the back of the star as shown in the image and stick the ends wherever they end-up. Arrange your decorations on top of the ribbon of yarn randomly to liven-up the arrangement. And that’s it! You have a very attractive wall all ready for the festive season.


4. Decorate The Ceiling

Wouldn’t it be great if you could liven-up a boring ceiling as well?

Items Needed

Couple of interesting and attractive decorative pieces like stars, snowflakes in reasonable size or anything similar


Simply fix the twine with the decorations and hang them up your ceiling or wall or any portion of the house that you like. Voila! You have a wonderful place all cozied-up with Christmas decoration.


5. The Doorway

Now, since Christmas is all about wreaths and flowers and fairy-lights, why don’t we sparkle-up the doorway as well?

Items Needed

Garlands either organic or artificial
Any decoration leftovers like a long string of fairy light or twine with flowers etc
A doorway to decorate


All you need to do is arrange your decoration along the shape of the doorway and fix it with the help of either nails or a strong taping-job. For added glamour, you can also attach a few random pieces of decorations like stars, ribbons, flowers or tiny toy angels at places. You wouldn’t believe how gorgeous your home will look with this simple DIY.


6. Mason Jar Decoration

Do you have a mantel you need to decorate and are out of ideas? Well for this all you need is:

Items Needed

Similar sized Mason jars
Decorations(Christmas balls, small toys, tiny Tree etc) that can easily be placed within the jar
A mantel to decorate


Place your favorite pieces of decorations in to each of the Mason jars as you would like them to be. Now, arrange the Jars on top of each other like a pyramid. If you have a spare piece of metal-bead/ball string, wrap it around the entire arrangement from top to bottom for the added look.


7. Christmas Countdown Calendar

It is exciting to wait for the Christmas Eve and you need to count the days. So, why not DIY a calendar!

Items Needed

An old Picture frame/cardboard/Canvas
Paper cutouts like pockets of similar-size
Christmas treats like toys/candy/stickers


Arrange the pockets equally in rows and columns all over the Frame/canvas. Take a marker and number them accordingly as per the Month. Now fill each of them with your treats! You could also add written notes, memos, poetry or verses from the Bible and stick them up for your family to read.


8. DIY Candle Holder

Christmas is never complete without some lovely candles. For, this you would need the candle stands too. Now, with all other arrangements taking all your time and budget, why don’t you DIY a couple of candle-stands for the season?

Items Needed

Paper/Plastic cups
Markers in your favorite color
Few leftover decorative moss or pieces of a spare wreath/garland
Battery-operated Candles


This is as simple as it gets. Take the paper cup and draw patterns or designs you like using the color marker. You could glam-up the decorations with shiny stickers/patterns/cutouts. Fix the moss/garland decorations as per size into the cup and arrange the automatic-candle (battery operated) accordingly into the decoration. This way, you have some very interesting candle–holders ready in no time. Arrange the DIY at places you like all over your home.
So you see, Christmas is not only about spending lavishly. A lot can be done with just a few ‘nips-n-tucks’. DIY’s are great to add your personal touch into this very special season of Christmas.