Top 6 Exciting Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Unique Wedding Decorations You can have a wedding at a church or at a banquet hall but the place where you would exchange vows and rings with your life partner has to be really very impressive.

It is extremely essential as it will create a very good impression on your guests and they will give more attention to your special day. To decorate the venue of the ceremony is not going to cost you much as you can find many cheap options that can transform your venue in to a magical one.

Various Ideas For Wedding Ceremony Decorations 

Flower Decoration In The Altar

Make sure you decorate the altar with flowers as it would look good on any wedding. Have a large display or simple display on the front with flowers to have a nice attraction. You can also hang orchids along the altar as they remain fresh for long time. You can also create a backdrop with flowers and fabric.

Decoration Of The Wedding Arches

Decoration Of The Wedding Arches

Make sure that your wedding arch is well decorated by hanging colored clothes, small bouquets of flowers along with shimmering beads to make your arch look more lively and welcoming.

Pew Decorations

Add lot of beauty to the wedding ceremony venue by decorating the ends of pews. You can attach colorful or white bows with a flower pinned to them. You can also try to use shepherd’s hook and have a bow or flower run with a satin ribbon.

Pew Decorations


You can also tie a floral pomander with a ribbon or have a tiny vase filled with beautiful flowers. You can also arrange for one of the simple wedding ceremony decorations which is having net fabric pinned to each end of the pew or seats and pin it with roses or flowers to match your wedding theme. This will offer a gorgeous look on the day of wedding.

Ring Cushion Decorations

If you are planning to present the rings on a cushion then you can make a small pillow cover in the matching color of your wedding dress and the wedding theme. If you wish to have it simple then you can tie small ribbons around your rings which will also reflect the togetherness and the affection you have on one another.

Decorating The Walk Way

It might be the dream of every girl of walking down the walk way. Place soft fabric on the floor and cover it with red rose petals and glittering confetti which would look lovely when the bride walks down on it.

Decorating The Walk Way

You can also try red fabric and while rose petals to have a royal look. This will also convey your bride to be how much you adore her.

Decorations With Various Types of Candles

Candles mark the celebration of wedding and opt for huge wedding stands that can be placed at the altar. This will offer a traditional feel to your wedding. You can also place each candle along the aisle line in such a way that the guests do not knock it off. They would also brighten up the place instantly.