Top 5 Wedding Gifts For Guests

Wedding is a ceremony which is very special not only for the bride and groom but also for the guests attending the wedding. Tradition of giving wedding gifts or in other words wedding favors is very popular since ancient times and is a sweet way to show your affection and gratitude to the guests attending the wedding.

While deciding a wedding gift for your guests, keep in mind that even small chocolate pouches, sweet boxes, or any other small gift can serve your purpose and guests will appreciate your sincere efforts; therefore, you should not stretch your budget or overburden yourself for buying wedding favors. Choose gifts that convey your gratitude towards your guests and suits your pocket too.  Here are top five ideas for wedding favors which you can decide depending upon your choice, budget, and number of guests:

Wedding Gifts For Guests

Sweets For Sweet Memories

As I mentioned above, you can give some chocolates or sweets in attractive gift boxes or pouches as wedding favors. You can also prefer some regional sweets which are famous in your area or may be some homemade sweets.

Sweets For Sweet Memories

This will be a nice way to convey your guests that they have added sweetness to your function by attending the marriage.

Good Luck Charms

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to present your guests with some good luck charms like wind chimes, laughing Buddha, etc. This token of good luck will not only give your guests sweet memories of wedding but also make them realize your concern and thoughtfulness.

Household Items

If you want to choose any useful gift, you can go ahead with some household items like crockeries, wall clocks, storage box, etc.

Household Items

You can also personalize them by printing wedding date and name of bride and groom. This can also be a good way to convey thanks to your precious guests.

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Fashion Accessories

You can choose fashion accessories like cosmetics, imitations, designer mirrors, hanky sets, ties, pens, etc. specifically for males and females. This gift is also very trendy and unique but you have to be very specific with the choice of your guests. Therefore, I would suggest avoiding this kind of gifts in case you have a long list of guests.

Memorable Metals

Giving some metallic items like silver coins, brass flower vase, etc. with the marriage date and name of bride & groom printed on it can also be a good choice of gift. If your budget allows and you are looking forward to give some gifts to cherish for the life long, you can go ahead with this option.

brass flower vase

Before finalizing your gifts, just make sure that you choose similar range of gifts for all guests so that no one should feel inferior. Go ahead with the gifts you feel would be cherished the most in your community. You can also take advice from your family members, relatives, and close friends; after all they will also be attending the function. Happy wedding!