Top 5 Wedding Dress Styles For 2013

Every woman would love to be called “The perfect bride” on her big day. From the hairstyle, to the shoes, the accessories, the tiara, the veil and last but not the least, the wedding dress should look absolutely stunning and eye catching. With the many different fashion designers that are creating beautiful masterpieces, there are so many options for a bride to choose from. Listed below are the different beautiful wedding dress styles for 2013 that women all over the world can opt for.

 Various Styles Wedding Dresses

Mermaid Style Wedding Gown

In this kind of wedding gown, the dress is tapered and is fitting right from the shoulders to the knees. From the knees to the toes, the dress is flared and made of lace or woven material that resembles the look of a mermaid. This dress looks extremely exquisite on women who have a slim figure.

Mermaid Low Waist Backless Wedding Gown

It can either be worn without sleeves, or as a corset top dress with beautiful embroidery work on the entire dress. The back of the dress is longer in length so that the mermaid section flows behind the bride.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

This is one of the most traditional styles for a beautiful wedding dress. With a corset top and a heart shaped off the shoulder neck, this stunning piece of work flares out from the waist down. It can be made of lace with a V-shaped waist line and the bottom half of the dress made of lace.

Strapless Ball Gown Embroidered With Beads

The flared section can either be two tiered or one. The ends of the dress can have beautiful embroidery to enhance the simple lace and make it look more extravagant.

A-Line Backless Wedding Dress

This dress is one of the most subtle of all designs. With a beautiful V-shaped neck line and tiny capped sleeves, the entire dress, right from the shoulders to the bottom is made to fit the body of the bride.

A-Line Backless Wedding Dress

The dress can be made of lace or even net as well. The bust line can have beautiful lace floral work or embroidery to make the dress stand out. This dress can either be in white or ebony shades. The V neck can be enhanced with the help of ornamental diamonds.

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One Shoulder Flared Wedding Dress

This dress is extremely stunning and a show stopper. With the beautiful one shoulder pattern the entire dress drapes on the body of the bride right till the knees. From there on the gown is flared and the waist is dropped to give it that beautiful shape.

One Shoulder Floor Length Gown

The bottom portion of the dress is designed into stunning lace flanges that fall extremely well if the perfect material be used. The waist line can be enhanced with the help of some ribbons going right around helping give the dress a better look.

Strapless Short Wedding Dress

This is one of the modern styles for wedding dresses of 2013. Made out of pure satin and beautiful printed lace, this is a beautiful strapless dress that shows off the bride’s shoulders and neckline. The top half of the dress can have stunning embroidered layers of lace. The bottom section of the dress is flared and designed with flanges. Beautiful narrow sashes made of satin can be incorporated in the flares of the dress.

Strapless Short Chiffon Prom Dress

These are a few of the vast ranges of styles for the perfect Wedding Dress Styles for 2013. Women all over the world would like to have the best fitted, best look and most stunning dress. There are many designers that work on custom made gowns, so for those who would like to have their own style or go along with the trends of 2013, visit a few websites online and get a better picture of what you would like to get into on your wedding day!