Top 5 Handmade Christmas Trees

Handmade Christmas Trees

Christmas is a great time to cherish and enjoy with our close friends and relatives. Winter holidays are often celebrated with Christmas function as it fills the heart with joy and fulfillment. The entire celebration of Christmas is mostly celebrated with lots of excitement activities. You have to be sure to prepare best gift items and other decoration items. Christmas trees are very common type of decorations that are generally done in each and every home. It perfectly marks the Christmas festival. You can prepare some of the best kind of good looking Christmas trees using various types of materials available at home. Good designed Christmas trees will add a different atmosphere in the home.

Here Are The Top 5 Handmade Christmas Trees:

Sparkling Ribbon Trees

The best type of Christmas tree can be prepared by using ribbons made up of different colors. Select the white color ribbon and use it in the form of tree. The shape of the tree should resemble to that of pine tree. Use some red ribbons to decorate the tree and the white ribbon gives the look of snow on the tree.

Sparkling ribbon trees

Pearls And Button Tree

A good type of Christmas tree can be easily build at home by using different kinds of buttons and artificial pearls that are not used. You can simple gather some of these buttons and pearls to prepare a unique kind of Christmas tree. Use one good looking drinks glass and then stick all the buttons and pearls on the glass to provide a unique kind of Christmas tree look. Try to use green color articles to resemble to that of tree.

Pearls and button tree

Glowing Tree

You can prepare glowing Christmas tree at home by using paper to prepare cone and then wrap the entire paper cone with wools. Now insert one lighting bulb inside the cone and place it in the living room. The glow will illuminate the cone and give the best Christmas tree look.

Glowing tree

Woolen Christmas Tree

Christmas tree can be prepared with some of the best looking wools that glitter. Purchase or collect green color wool bundle to prepare a good looking pine Christmas tree at home. Simply use one drinks glass to provide base to this tree. Now try to wrap the entire glass in the form of a tree by using green color wool.

Woolen Christmas tree

Cotton Tree

Christmas tree can be prepared by using cotton that is very easy to modify and prepare best kind of tree. You should be able to tie the cotton to the main rod that holds the entire tree. Insert one steel rod in a glass and wrap the cotton around the rod to give the shape of a pine tree. You can also decorate with glitters.

Cotton tree